Time To Update.

It HAS been a few days.


Really, you haven’t missed all that much the past several days. For a couple days I was kinda in and out of consciousness, because normal, regular sleep is not something that seems to be coming to me right now.

On that note, I got like..zero sleep last night. I think I laid in bed for 10 or so hours and never fell asleep. Had to get up to use the bathroom a few times and had to refill my water bottle once. I hope it’s different tonight, but we will see.

The maintenance for Fallout 76 ended a few minutes ago. It was at a weird time on a weird day. Of course, it somehow ended up being Thursday last week, as well. I would imagine that will go back to normal now that Meat Week is over.

I haven’t done much gaming this week. I am going to try and get around to getting more in. Hell, I may jump back into 76 after I get done with this posting.

You know, I’m fairly sure I had a couple other things to talk about. Oh…I’m thinking about a new logo/avatar. I mean, it’s nice, and I’ve used it for a really long time, but it’s not like I could ever use it in something commercial without people getting mad at me. Not sure what I might replace it with, though. I mean, I’ll have to come up with something original, at least somewhat. Maybe a comicized Danzig or something? Not sure. I will keep thinking about that one, but it would probably be good to switch at some point.

Also, I do not find this eye thing particularly humorous. I really don’t want to have to pick out frames again. Last time wasn’t great. But I’m gonna have to do it if I actually want to see. Blah.

I don’t have much else to say right now. Guess I am going to maybe eat an apple and then find a game to play. Auren has been in and out, so we’ll see what I end up doing. For now, ciao.

No Real Change

In format, at least.


Despite what it may seem like right now, I am not changing the site into a Danzig memorial website. He’s obviously at the forefront of my mind right now, though. I mean, it’s only been a week.

I will get back to the usual bullshit soon enough. I mean, I actually played Fallout 76 for a little while yesterday. Maybe should have played longer, but details, I suppose. Going to try and get more in today.

We’re heading full-steam towards autumn already. It seems like it just became summer. Anyways, at this point, I suppose it’s a good time to start getting ready to at least clean up the place a bit. Things like getting rid of Danzig’s kitty tree and toys. Moving the random shit in the living room to a proper place. Getting rid of these broken TV’s. Cleaning up the desk yet again and maybe digging one of the old Commodores out and setting it up. Maybe along with a complete rearrangement of the desk. (Maybe.)

And more gaming, of course. Always gotta have that. Maybe I will try to get involved in some sort of online community, at least a little bit. I mean, it’s hard enough for me to do this shit already, and the last couple times I’ve tried, I’ve basically been completely ignored.

But that’s neither here nor there right now. First off, I gotta get out of this Danzig Depression Pit, and that will probably take a while. I mean, it took over five years to get over Tammy leaving me, and this hurts worse, so who knows how long this might linger.

For now, I am going to try putting some food in me, and grab some Diet Pepsi. Then I am going to sit back down here and…not sure. Fallout 76, maybe? Or maybe something with Auren for a little while that’s not 76. I don’t know. Got a couple other things I want to do that aren’t game related, also.

So, I will leave this here, and wander off to other stuff. I may be back later. Maybe I’ll have a screenie or something for you.

So Broken.

And not sure if I can be fixed.


It’s getting a little later in the day. I’m glad. I would love to go to bed. Well, more truthfully, I would love to sleep. Probably not surprisingly, I haven’t been sleeping well. Or eating well. Or drinking well. Or being stable. Or anything, really.

I actually ate all of lunch today. That’s good, I imagine. Only got about half of dinner eaten, and only a couple drinks in me. I wanted to get drunk, but after this stuff, my stomach started feeling, not great.

I’ve been doing a fair bit of crying over the past several days, as you may have guessed. Probably going to be a while before that’s over and done with.

Tried to do some gaming a couple times, but would get distracted by..well, most anything. I’m going to try and at least get some 76 in during the next few days. And Auren wants me to play Neverwinter Nights with him. On the bright side, it doesn’t take up a whole hell of a lot of room. Well, not nowadays.

I’ve also got things I want to say about goings-on in the world, but I am too tired for most of it. I hope Ninja’s computer catches on fire, though. And his stupid hair.

All this has managed to cause my eyes to fuck up. For like…17 years, I have been wearing the same glasses and haven’t had a problem, but since Danzig…I can’t read my second monitor nearly as well. Not sure how that worked, but I’m going to have to figure out how to get to the eye doctor and pay for new glasses.

Also, there’s a lot of sound that goes on around the house for the fact that I am literally the only one here. It almost makes me hope for a ghost cat wandering around the house.

I guess I don’t have much else to add right now. I’m super unhappy, and uncomfortable, and it will be that way for a fair bit. For now, I guess I am going to wander off. While I would like to game, I will probably only be able to talk myself into watching wrestling, and that’s it.

I wish I had more pictures of Danzig. Maybe I’ll look around and see if I can find any. But for now, I am off.

It’s Sad And True.

And I am broken.


Just a short update right now. I wish I knew what happened. I wish I knew that there was more wrong than I knew. Danzig has gone and left me all alone. I wish I could have saved him.

I don’t know what else to say. I’m sorry, Danzig, I failed you. I love you and I will miss you.


Goodbye, buddy. I hope I see you again someday.

Does This Count?

I mean, it’s after midnight, but I haven’t gone to sleep yet.


Got a good bit of Fallout 76 in today. I even got to fight another Scorchbeast Queen. I need some more of those, really. Didn’t get a whole lot of legendary items today, and none of them were any good. I need to find a decent legendary gun.

Got some more spray today and did the office a bit ago. Still finding a few, but that doesn’t mean much, and they could be coming from the chair and not the carpet. Before I hit bed, I am going to spray in here one more time, both the carpet and the chair. I’ve looked around on the desk and I don’t see any of them there, so I don’t think they’re jumping on me from there.

On top of finding a few, I keep feeling them on me, but when I look, they’re not there. Now, it could be that they are leaping away, but I know that a lot of it is just my brain being weird.

If you’ve seen Twitter, you know that Danzig is still hiding out in my bathroom. I think he’s still got at least a few on him despite giving him a flea treatment the other day. And I know he doesn’t feel great. And he certainly isn’t great to feel. He’s gonna need a bath soon, which means I need to get a suit of armor or something like that, because it is NOT going to be a pleasant time.

I am still super annoyed that this whole flea thing happened and I still have no idea how they got here in the first place. Blah.

I never had a real dinner today, though I did have some Funyuns and some celery. I guess that’s good enough.

Oh! I didn’t see it mentioned in the last few patch notes anywhere, at least that I can remember, but apparently you can’t sell Power Armor pieces to the vendors anymore. Blah to that. Just means I need to work a bit more to get other stuff to sell, I suppose.

I don’t have a whole lot else to add right now. Gonna head off to bed soon and I will hopefully not be laying there awake for two or three hours, but I who knows.

Let’s see…I took some pictures and hit up photo mode a few times between today and yesterday, so let’s see if I can find something to put up here.

That silly bitch, the Scorchbeast Queen mid-fight.

There we go.

Okay, next up, acquire water.

I will be back tomorrow at some point.

Let’s Make It Four.

Just a quickie, though.


Been playing 76 for a while today. Got some more caps, mainly by selling shit in the vending machines. Did a few dailies. Did some random shit. Going to get back in there for a while, but needed a quick break.

I was recording for a while. Not for any particular reason, just for myself. Too bad the sound is really fucking low. I don’t know why, because the settings are the same as the were on the last video, which is just fine. I also managed to somehow switch from the game to the BRB screen, so there’s like 40 minutes of that. I’ll probably ditch the video. I don’t need it.

In other news, I vacuumed the place. There were more of those fuckers still alive than I expected there to be. But a whole bunch of them are out in the trash now, so whatever. I also sprayed again. Well, mostly. I actually ran out of spray. I really hope this helps. Danzig is currently hiding in a cabinet in my bathroom. I put him and his litter box in there earlier so I could do the vacuum and spray thing. But that was several hours ago. I suppose he will come out when he’s ready.

I have a memorial service to go to tomorrow. I don’t think I mentioned that yet. The kids grandma died recently. Umm…the other one, not my mom. That’s tomorrow evening. Blah.

Anyways, I’m about done for now. I’m also kinda tired. I may try going to bed earlier than the past few days. Not sure if it will actually work, but I can try, I suppose. In the meantime, I am going to go back to WWE Network and Fallout 76, at least for a bit. I will probably be back on here at some point midday or something.