The 13th, Part Two!

More Stuff!


Well, not a whole lot of stuff, really.

I didn’t mention this before, but I’m thinking a little bit about redesigning the site. Not sure if I want to do a small thing, or go all out, though. Suppose I will look around at WordPress stuff and see what I think.

Anyways, I did get my Fallout 4 video made. It’s not quite what I wanted it to be, but it gets the point across.

Kinda wish I had a better thumbnail, but I thought this was the best of the ones given to me.

I have two other videos that I made, mostly for Auren’s benefit. I never posted them up here. I suppose I should do that, even if they aren’t super interesting, really. One Fallout 76, and one really short Fallout 4.

I know it’s not much, but I made them, so I figured I might as well put them up here.

I’m sure at some point, I will make another video or two. Maybe I’ll make a few while I’m on my own for the next several days. We will see. That’s assuming I can stop watching wrestling/Fallout/etc for long enough to make a video. I mean, I can have that stuff running while I’m playing, but I can’t do it so well while I’m recording. Of course, I *did* do something like that when I streamed one day. I don’t even remember when that was, but I was playing Fallout 4 and I decided to stream it for..well, no reason really. I’m pretty sure no one watched, and I didn’t have a mic going, but it was running for a while.

Well, this is all I had right now, really. I just tuned into the WWE Network live stream so that I could watch Evolve 131. Kinda odd for another promotion to be broadcast on the Network, but I like it.


A Quickie.

I did some Flickr stuff, so there’s more albums for you to peruse, if you wish. Now I just need to remember to update the Minecraft, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76 ones from time to time, as there will be more pics for all of those at some point, some more than others.

It Was All A Dream.

I don’t know what ‘It’ was, though.


So, I’m working on stuff today. Well, testing stuff. In case I decide to do some video stuff in the future. I’m starting to think that I may do some streaming or recording after I get a new headset after all. I’m not positive right now, though, just thinking about it.

I was also playing with the site a little bit last night. That’s where the cat post came from. I’ll probably be doing more stuff on the site today and tomorrow. Or maybe just tomorrow or just today. I suppose it depends on how badly I want to play Fallout versus stuff for the future. Well, the future online, at least. Or my future online. Something like that.

I still have articles that I wanted to comment on, but at this point, I don’t know that there’s much point to it. I would like to do more of that, I just don’t always think about it at the right time. Or I will leave a tab open with the article, and then leave it sit there for a few weeks. I suppose I should just close them out and move on.

I need to close some other tabs, too. It just seems like they’re all important. At least mostly. I can close a few if I drop the article article. Or if I actually wrote the article article. We’ll see which way I end up going in a little bit here, I’m sure.

Not much else going on today that I’m aware of. Some work on the web, some game playing. Good times.

As you can tell, I’ve been having thoughts about stuff around here again. By around here, I mean the site and all that. Now, if I can just get myself motivated on a semi-regular basis, that would be helpful.

So, there will still probably be a test post or two that go up and then disappear. Of course, it’s nothing for you to worry about, just a feature or two that I’m going to test out. Now, will I like how it works out? That’s a good question, but I will find out.

One feature that I’d like to try at some point is polls. I have a polling thing for WordPress, but I haven’t used it yet. I may test it, of course. The only problem with it, though, is that I don’t really have enough people coming around to use a poll. So what would I use it on? Well, mostly what game to record/stream.

And I suppose I should work on posting more, even if it is just to say that I’m playing Fallout. I suppose I could be more descriptive, however. We’ll see how that all works out. Well, we’ll see how all of this works out.

I suppose it’s time to move on for now. I’ve been at this post a little bit. I’ve been doing a couple other things at the same time. Nothing terribly interesting, though.

Okay, I’m off.

In Between.

That’s what it is.


So, I didn’t post earlier today. That was kinda unusual. Of course, I got up kinda late, so that didn’t help. I really didn’t do a whole lot today. I did my usual round of websites and then I played Fallout 4 for a while.

I did more settlement stuff today. It took quite a bit of time. I’ve also noticed that I am missing a settlement. There may be more than one, but I can only think of the one. I’ll need to head over there and claim it. Probably not tonight, though.

I was thinking that I would play something else for a little while tonight. Probably Titan Quest AE. I suppose I shouldn’t start another game until I get one or two done. Well, at least one?

I have a few games that I have going, I think. I have FO4, TQAE, Intrude, Grim Dawn, and I think that may actually be it for now. I’m not including games that you can do in one session. There’s a couple of those floating around, as well.

In other gaming topics, I need to update my Backloggery profile. I’ve gotten a lot more games since the last time I did that. It’s either that, or I ¬†build a ghetto version on here for that. I don’t know that I could get it all databased up, at least not with WordPress. Maybe? I don’t know. I suppose I could look that up.

If I could find a good way to do it, I may just do that. Of course, that would require me to develop and stuff like that. I haven’t done that in years. I could probably do it, but it would take some time. That all depends on lots of things, though. Like, if I really want to do it. I don’t know right now. It sounds interesting, but would I really keep it up? I mean, I’m not so great at the Backloggery page, so…

At any rate, that for another time. Right now, well, I guess I’m done right now, and will move on to some TQAE. I mean, I have nothing else to really add at this time. So, ciao.

It’s The Right Time For The Night Time

Well, I assume, since it’s night.

I haven’t played anything all day today. I thought about it, but then kinda didn’t. Then I got distracted by dinner for a while, then I did more nothing. Well, I was doing some web surfing. Nothing really interesting, though.

There we go, I could spend time talking about things I find on the internet. Of course, I don’t really go wandering around the larger web on a regular basis. Mostly I hit the same few sites and that’s it. I need to expand my horizons, though. Or at least the number of sites I go to.

It’s chilly in the house this evening, even though the thermostat says it’s 69 degrees in here. I mean, that shouldn’t be too bad, I wouldn’t think. It’s a few degrees colder in the bedroom, but that’s not a bad thing, really. Except when my body decides that it’s too hot under the covers. Then I throw the comforter off and promptly freeze. Sometimes I just can’t win.

I wonder when I’ll fall asleep tonight. Or this morning, I suppose. Usually it’s getting light out. And that sucks when that’s several hours after you went to bed. I’m starting to wonder if anything, medication-wise, will work for me. I suppose I’ll have to bring that up. Blah.

I may play something for a little bit tonight. I’ve got two hours until bed, and I may just go to bed late, since it’s not like I’ll sleep.

Speaking of sleeping, I haven’t had SoCo in the new year yet. That cannot stand for much longer. If for no other reason then so I can have a nice sleep for a change.

One thing that you may have noticed earlier, is that I actually have a post that’s tagged with more than just Reality. Since I was talking a little bit about WoW, I figured I’d add that tag to it, as well. Just for the hell of it, I suppose. I will probably start doing that more, or I’d like to, at least. Means I need to add some new categories to the site, but that’s not a big problem.

I suppose I don’t have a whole lot else to say right now. Nothing that interesting, at least. Well, not interesting to you? I don’t know. At any rate, this is the end, so I will end it here.

Website work?

Well, I mean, I know it works. It’s more that I’m working on it some. Just kinda dinking around a bit with it, to see what I can do and whatnot. I’m having a bit of a good time with it. I have a couple more things I want to add, but I’m not sure what way I want to do it yet. I’m working on it, though.

I haven’t done any game playing today. I did some last night, but not a whole lot. I did a bit more WoW, and got Saradara up to 102. Then I played a bit more War for the Overworld. I got trampled again. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I keep getting overrun on the last wave. I feel like being proactive is the right strategy, but when I tried that last time, it just ended up with me not having any monsters anymore. I’ll get it eventually, I would imagine.

Not much else exciting has gone on. Just a bit more WWE Network. I need to stop doing that so much, and do some work(?) with the YouTubes. Indeed, I do.

That’s all for now. Ta ta!

A bit of a change.

Okay, a kinda big change. I’ve changed over from Joomla to WordPress. Joomla was good until it broke, but it really was more software than I really needed around here. This should do nicely, but now I have to get it all tweaked out with my settings and menus and stuff. I hope I remember all of what was on the menu. Maybe I should have written that down? Nah.

Website dealings.

So, as you may have noticed, I’ve worked on the site a little bit today. A new, more compact menu, and a couple new graphics for you to feast your eyes on. I’m still thinking about more changes. I may modify the top graphic to hide/remove the Gears Of War part on the left side with something else. We’ll see. I am not totally sure what to put there, though. I suppose I will figure it out at some point, but I’m not sure right now. 


I really don’t have much else to say right now, but keep your eyes here, I may have more to say later.