Small Site Update

As you can no doubt see, I’ve changed up the look of the site. I like it, but I’m not sure if it will stay this way for the time being. It probably will, but there is another Joomla template that I like as well. Heh. I also changed up the tagline for the site, for the same reason that I changed the look of the site. I haven’t played World Of Warcraft in starting to get close to two years, and I thought that perhaps the site should reflect that a bit more.

Or perhaps…

..I could let it sit for two and a half years. It’s a very exciting time or something. Heh. I did finally do something, though. I mean besides this. There’s a bunch of screenshots from Fallout: New Vegas in the gallery. There’s also a few pictures of Danzig in there, as well, though they are the same ones from FaceBook, if you’ve already seen them there. That’s Danzig the cat, not the band.


All righty. I’ve done some more tweaking in a few places, and got a nice little welcome at the top. Things are shaping up quite nicely. Now to start doing something useful with it. Hehe.


Welcome to Using My Illusions, I am UsYr, and I’ll be your tourguide through the realms of Reality, Ignoring Reality, Gaming, and the World…..of Warcraft.

Okay then.

There was a very odd error that kept the site down for a day or so. No idea why it did what it did, but I was able to find a way to fix it. As long as it doesn’t happen again, everything will be good. Heh.


I also got the photo gallery moved over to the new site, except for the WoW gallery. I need to work on that before I put it up. There are screenshots scattered all over various folders and disks, and I’d like to get them centralized, and weed out the duplicates, then I can get that up and rocking again.


There are still other things that are missing, that I will have to add to this site over time. Don’t worry, it will all be back sooner or later.