Well, I did.

I went to bed, I mean, like I tweeted. Then I pulled out the Chromebook. I am way not used to this keyboard. Could be worse, though.

I’ve been doing some thinking today, about TCG’s. Mostly about Pokemon. And a little bit about Magic: The Gathering. But mostly Pokemon. I’m not sure what got me started on it, but it popped into my head all the same. I was thinking about a few more administrative tasks that I kinda have knocking around in my head for my Pokemon stuff. Like, trying to get the Pokemon board that I made to be flat again. Not sure how to achieve that right now, though. I also want to sort through all the cards. The newer ones, at least. I have some deck documenting that I want to do. And a couple of other things.

Speaking of deck documenting, I have this notebook that I have a whole bunch of decks documented in. I plan on putting more in there. Also, I was thinking about maybe even doing some dreaded data entry and put them up on the site for all the world to see. There is a problem with that, however. When I wrote down these listings, there weren’t nearly as many cards as there are now. Part of the problem is that I don’t know how well I documented what set the card comes from. I mean, it’s not a super huge problem, and I could probably overcome it by doing some research, but it’s something to think about.

Now, mind you, I’m not promising that I *will* put them online, but I might, depending on how I feel when I get that far.

I always have thoughts of things I want to do with my cards, but then I never get around to it. I may not even get around to it for a while, still. I would say that it sounds like a good winter project, but really, what’s the difference to me? I’m always in the house, so the season is mostly irrelevant.

To continue on with a theme, since I had the TCG on the brain, I was going to fire up my 3DS and play the Pokemon TCG game. I was all set to go, and then I noticed my battery was mostly dead. How dreadful. So, I didn’t get to do that.

I think that’s all my thoughts, for now.