I Did It Again.

Forgot to tweet, that is.


So, we had another Path Of Exile stream today. It was okay, though we didn’t say as much as usual. I will survive, though.

So, like I’ve said before, now I need to think about finishing off Diablo II. That’s been on the back burner for a while now.

Besides that, there hasn’t been too much going on recently. Played some Fallout 4 in the past few days. I think I’ve finally got most of the weapons checked out. And I fixed the LOOKUP FAILED! messages that I had been having. That was nice.

I haven’t done a whole lot else. Which is something that I should really resolve at some point.

I really don’t have much else to say right now. I’m kinda tired. I’m almost thinking about going to bed early. It sounds pretty good right now, at least.

Now that all that is over, I give you this:

Finally Did It!

A stream, that is.


So, Cable and I did the first stream of Path Of Exile last night. Got it uploaded to YouTube today. I kinda forgot to put the game audio on the headset, but you can hear it well enough through my microphone. Everything else worked well, for the mostpart. I had some problems with getting kicked to the login screen, and one time it just plain locked up.

So, that’s been started. Not sure when we’re going to continue. I suppose that’s up to Cable’s new work schedule. But we’ll get that figured out soon enough.

I also worked on the Twitch channel page a bit today. Nothing too exiting, but getting things in order. It was something that I had been meaning to do for a while now.

Anyways, I suppose that now that I have all this stuff going, it’s time to think about finishing off Diablo II. Not sure when that will take place, but it’s probably not too far off.

I did make one mistake last night, though. I forgot to tweet about the stream. I don’t know if it would have mattered, but it couldn’t hurt, and I’ve done it with the other streams. Details, I suppose.

I don’t have a whole lot to add at this time. Maybe there will be more later. We will see. For now, I will leave you with this:

The End For A Time.

That kinda reminds me that Daylight Savings is coming up this weekend. Blah.

So, I decided to finish with the main storyline for the Institute last night. I think, that at this point, I am done with that playthrough. There’s really nothing else to do at this point. Well, there are a couple settlements that I don’t think I have yet. Or maybe it’s just one at this point. No, it’s definitely at least two.

I suppose I could go liberate them, but I wouldn’t really be doing anything else with them.

So, at this point, it’s time to put down Fallout 4 for a little bit, and try to find something that doesn’t kill my computer. Speaking of starting games, very soon, I will be starting up a Path Of Exile stream with Cable. It will be late night, usually, I think. Not totally sure on that yet. But we will be going through that in the new Bestiary leauge. We have already created characters and gone through the Twilight Strand, I think it what it’s called. The tutorial area.

Anyways, I think I will be working on the Diablo II stream again soon, too. Trying to push myself. Get things done and stuff like that.

That’s really all I have for you tonight. I ended up with 1106 hours in Fallout 4 after this playthrough, if you were interested. Still not sleeping well. Anyways, it’s almost bed time, so I am going to go get ready.