The Next Day

I really was back!

12:41 pm

Well, I suppose it is technically the same day still.

I feel the blahs coming on. That’s not great for someone who’s default state is unhappy and uncomfortable.

As you know, I’ve been pretty stuck in Minecraft lately. I haven’t even launched Fallout 76 recently. I’m breaking the current cycle a little bit and not spending all day on Auren’s Minecraft realm. I need to pull my head out and do some actual stuff today.

And after that, I need to move in a slightly different direction. I let the depression win again, and I can’t have that. I mean, I already fucked up one thing. I was gonna do something small in WoW before I ran out of game time, but I didn’t get to it, and now I can’t unless I want to pay for another month. (I don’t right now.)

But I need and want things to change. I’ve been hiding in Minecraft and that needs to change. I need to branch out and do more. I suppose I will come out and say that some of the projects that I want to work on are video stuffs but not streaming. I will say that I am a bit reluctant to do this stuff because I’m afraid that it’s going to be largely pointless. I mean, videos are only useful if people watch them, after all.

I’m feeling a little scattershot with this post. Today’s mental state is not super great, but I’m trying to fix it. I’ve said this before, but I want to be more active on here and on Twitter. And YouTube, I hope. We will see about that, though.

I super don’t have a point, really, just wanted to post, I guess. But things have been really bad lately and it’s taking a toll. It’s time to be more proactive again. To that end, there are a few productive things I need to get in today…like shower, go through the bills, and maybe even put away the clean laundry. Then…games?

I should also try to eat something, I suppose.

Okay, time to wander off, but I will leave you with this little video.