Old Man Now?

It could be.

12:19 am

My birthday is now passed, and the day after that has passed, though not by a whole lot.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. I don’t think I even logged in to 76 yesterday. Err…I mean my birthday. I might have. I know I didn’t yesterday. I was caught deep in the grips of Minecraft. I didn’t accomplish much in there. Well…I kinda did, but it was mostly small stuff. Got a lot more to do, of course.

While there was that, I did get a couple of things made. I made an automatic chicken cooker, though it is definitely not fast, mainly because of RNG. I also made a skeleton farm for that sweet arrow teat. It’s not quite silly unless you have…Looter 3, I think, so you’re getting more than a couple at a time.

At this time, it is ‘bedtime’ for me. Of course, more and more, that just means move to a different room and change positions for a few hours. Sleep? Who needs that, anyways. Apparently not me. I *had* been getting back up and sitting in here for a while to help combat insomnia, but it’s not really helping, and those supplements I bought the other day didn’t do anything, either. It’s too bad, I had heard a lot of good things about that stuff from several people who tried them.

I’m not even sure what might help. Aromatherapy doesn’t work. Supplements don’t work. OTC meds don’t work. Prescriptions don’t work. Alcohol doesn’t work. Weed doesn’t work. Not sure what’s left.

I suppose I will go lay down in a little bit. Will I sleep? Who the fuck knows. Maybe I’ll actually get up if I don’t after a couple of hours. Of course, I may just come in here and watch videos for a few hours. Maybe I should use that time to work on the site, since there’s still stuff I want to do around here. I might as well use that time for something.

But for now, I am going to find something to snack on and then lay down for a while. What comes after that…who knows. I will leave you with this Minecraft screenie from the realm of a couple things Auren did today. His stuff always looks better than mine.

Auren’s character on the left, mine on the right.