It’s Friday Night!

And I’m tired as hell.

11:18 pm

I don’t even know why I’m so tired, it’s not like I really exerted myself today. Hell, I even had a bit of a nap earlier today, kinda. This probably means I will sleep poorly tonight.

While I did get a couple of things accomplished, I spent much of the day playing Fallout 76. I found most of what I was looking for for my project, at least for the early part. Found a few more interesting things, as well.

I had previously mentioned moving my camp just a little bit, but now I am thinking about finding a completely different area to put it. I have no idea where that might be though. I’m going to have to wander around and scout some areas out.

I’m going to keep this short tonight. I will try to have something more substantial tomorrow. For now, though, I will leave you with this video that I tweeted out yesterday. It’s a quick runthrough of the current camp. I wanted a record of it for whatever reason.