Couple Days Later.

It is!

11:51pm (08/22)

It’s getting kinda close to bedtime. I’m not tired right now, though. That’s pretty weird since I got like an hour of sleep at the most last night. It wasn’t great. The night before that was good, though, so maybe good sleep will happen again tonight.

Not a whole lot has been going on. I’ve been playing Fallout 76 and working my way around the house doing some cleaning. Of course, I’ve been a bit random about it, so I do a little in one room, and I do a little in another room, and so on and so forth. I’ll get it all done at some point. I’m not too super worried about it right now, but that may change.

With 76, I’m still looking for weapons. Of course, I’m not entirely sure if I will ever be done with that one. I did get one other thing done today that I wanted to, though. I have a new buddy in camp with me. According to Auren, his name is John Cena:

My new Slothy friend, John Cena.

Isn’t he a cutie?

You will notice that this is a screenshot and not a camera picture. I am out of film and after like…45 minutes, I couldn’t find any crystal to make more, so I gave up with that for the night. I was able to end up with this, though, so it’s not a total loss.

I will lose him at some point, I am sure of that. For now, though, he wanders around mostly in the crops and makes a bunch of noise.

Going back to the cleaning thing. I posted on twitter a bit about it. I’m not just cleaning, I’m trying to move on into the next phase of my life. Unfortunately, that means that some stuff has to go. That also meant that certain files on the hard drives had to go. It kinda sucked. Some of it really sucked, but…it was time. I need to move on.

In completely other news, I was finally able to find a way to keep the browser/WWE Network from being picked up by OBS, so I can still hear that(or YouTube) and it won’t get recorded when I’m making videos. I’ve been recording most everything in 76 lately. I’m not sure why, because they’re not going to be posted on YouTube or anything and I have no idea how much I might actually watch them, if any. Better to have than not? I don’t know.

I really want to rearrange my desk. I think I brought that up the other day, though that may have been on Twitter and not here. I want to be able to put my legs up on the desk again, but I have a monitor in the way right now. I have no idea how I might set it up differently, though. I will have to put more thought into it.

I don’t really have much anything else to add for tonight. I think I am going to watch some YouTube videos for the rest of the evening. I have a Fallout 4 video going right now, though I may move over to looking for Fallout 76 CAMP videos to get some inspiration.

For now, though, I am going to wander off and see what I can see. I hope I get tired soon and that I can sleep. I suppose we will see in a little while how that turns out. Ciao.