No Real Change

In format, at least.


Despite what it may seem like right now, I am not changing the site into a Danzig memorial website. He’s obviously at the forefront of my mind right now, though. I mean, it’s only been a week.

I will get back to the usual bullshit soon enough. I mean, I actually played Fallout 76 for a little while yesterday. Maybe should have played longer, but details, I suppose. Going to try and get more in today.

We’re heading full-steam towards autumn already. It seems like it just became summer. Anyways, at this point, I suppose it’s a good time to start getting ready to at least clean up the place a bit. Things like getting rid of Danzig’s kitty tree and toys. Moving the random shit in the living room to a proper place. Getting rid of these broken TV’s. Cleaning up the desk yet again and maybe digging one of the old Commodores out and setting it up. Maybe along with a complete rearrangement of the desk. (Maybe.)

And more gaming, of course. Always gotta have that. Maybe I will try to get involved in some sort of online community, at least a little bit. I mean, it’s hard enough for me to do this shit already, and the last couple times I’ve tried, I’ve basically been completely ignored.

But that’s neither here nor there right now. First off, I gotta get out of this Danzig Depression Pit, and that will probably take a while. I mean, it took over five years to get over Tammy leaving me, and this hurts worse, so who knows how long this might linger.

For now, I am going to try putting some food in me, and grab some Diet Pepsi. Then I am going to sit back down here and…not sure. Fallout 76, maybe? Or maybe something with Auren for a little while that’s not 76. I don’t know. Got a couple other things I want to do that aren’t game related, also.

So, I will leave this here, and wander off to other stuff. I may be back later. Maybe I’ll have a screenie or something for you.