So Broken.

And not sure if I can be fixed.


It’s getting a little later in the day. I’m glad. I would love to go to bed. Well, more truthfully, I would love to sleep. Probably not surprisingly, I haven’t been sleeping well. Or eating well. Or drinking well. Or being stable. Or anything, really.

I actually ate all of lunch today. That’s good, I imagine. Only got about half of dinner eaten, and only a couple drinks in me. I wanted to get drunk, but after this stuff, my stomach started feeling, not great.

I’ve been doing a fair bit of crying over the past several days, as you may have guessed. Probably going to be a while before that’s over and done with.

Tried to do some gaming a couple times, but would get distracted by..well, most anything. I’m going to try and at least get some 76 in during the next few days. And Auren wants me to play Neverwinter Nights with him. On the bright side, it doesn’t take up a whole hell of a lot of room. Well, not nowadays.

I’ve also got things I want to say about goings-on in the world, but I am too tired for most of it. I hope Ninja’s computer catches on fire, though. And his stupid hair.

All this has managed to cause my eyes to fuck up. For like…17 years, I have been wearing the same glasses and haven’t had a problem, but since Danzig…I can’t read my second monitor nearly as well. Not sure how that worked, but I’m going to have to figure out how to get to the eye doctor and pay for new glasses.

Also, there’s a lot of sound that goes on around the house for the fact that I am literally the only one here. It almost makes me hope for a ghost cat wandering around the house.

I guess I don’t have much else to add right now. I’m super unhappy, and uncomfortable, and it will be that way for a fair bit. For now, I guess I am going to wander off. While I would like to game, I will probably only be able to talk myself into watching wrestling, and that’s it.

I wish I had more pictures of Danzig. Maybe I’ll look around and see if I can find any. But for now, I am off.