Games and gamers.

I was reading the blog of an old friend today, and he was talking about the Borderlands series. As you probably know, they’re shooters, and he’s not a big shooter guy. He wasn’t into the series at all, really, until he started playing Borderlands 2 with a couple old college friends. Then he moved on to playing it with another couple of friends. He had a really great time, and even though it’s not his favorite type of game, but the experience of playing with friends made it much more worthwhile for him, and even got him to play it alone some, though it wasn’t his preferred method. He’s also looking forward to playing The Pre-Sequal with friends, as well. All that got me thinking, about several things. Like, for one, something like that would never happen to me. I had almost no friends in college. I had a few acquaintances, but nothing that really stuck. And I was only in college for two years before I got my degree, so I didn’t really have as much time to build connections that some others might. And really, even if you took out the college qualifier, I’ve had very few real friends over my lifetime, and even then, the ones I did have, except for a couple, I’ve fallen out of contact with long ago for one reason or another. 


So, why don’t I play with them? Well, my best friend mostly only plays single player games, and plays on the PS3. This other friend plays on 360 or Xbone. Auren and I play once in a while, but not much anymore. He plays on both PC and PS4, but he has far less games than I do. So what about Cable? He works a lot, and we don’t have a whole lot of games that we both have copies of, at least on the PC. I mean, we could play some console games, but not too many. Most games nowadays are meant to be played across the net with two copies of the game. Except for some of the Wii U games, and a few of the PS3 games, that’s a limiting factor, as well. And playing with people on the consoles is not really something that will happen for the most part anyways, because I’m far more of a PC gamer than a console gamer. Most of my games are on the PC. I have some games that I have both on console and PC, but maybe not the right ones, I guess. Or they’re for the wrong console, that can be said for a few games. 


So, what all of that means, and I think I’ve talked about all this before, so I may be treading over old ground, is that I am mostly stuck playing by myself. Which sucks for me, because I love playing co-op games. I suppose sometimes that’s the reason that I don’t play games as much as I really want to. Sometimes, I’m kinda hanging out to see if Auren gets online. But then, even if he does, it’s rare that we actually play a game anymore. I guess times have changed. 


Back in the day, I used to have a gaming community to hang around with. (Two, really, one after the other.) Sometimes I really miss The Lost Haven, but I had my mental breakdown and angered some people, and just kinda faded away. Eventually, I ran out of money for the hosting, and it ended up just kinda dying. That was quite some time ago. But then, we really only played a couple games, Guild Wars and World Of Warcraft. We had forums for other games, but they didn’t really get played, and it didn’t seem like people wanted to play other games. Of course, I’m somewhat guilty of that myself, since I mostly only played WoW, but sometimes I would play Guild Wars, and I would have played other games, too, if they had gotten played.


I spent a lot of words to just basically complain about things I’ve complained about before. I want people to play with. I don’t want to play alone all the time. I guess I’m just not special enough for that. I don’t have people to play with, and I don’t have people watching my videos. I’d consider streaming more, but I’ve never had much interest in the streams that I did have going on. Listen to me, whining about that again, too. Ah well, maybe this is just my lot in life.


At any rate, I could be happier with my gaming experience. I suppose it could be worse, though. I suppose if I’m persistent, I will eventually get a fan(?) base? The only way to find out is to keep on keeping on, I suppose. Which reminds me, I still need to get back to FO4, so we can get to Far Harbor. I promise to continue that in the very near future. I suppose I’m behind on the Far Harbor thing, but I’m not too worried. I mean, the only other new game that I was really planning on doing is Doom, and I was behind on that from the start, since I didn’t think it would run on my video card. Of course, I found that out to not be the case, so I can do that at some point, but I found that I need to practice that some first. Besides that, it’s mostly older games that I plan to work on after that. Especially since I don’t really have all that much money to be buying $60 games all the time. Plus, the next new game to buy is to well, get two copies of WoW: Legion, one for me and one for Cable. Of course, game time is another matter on top of that, so I’m not totally sure how that’s going to work yet. We shall see.


Anyways, I believe that’s all I have for now. I’m sure I’ll be back tomorrow or the next day with something else far less interesting to talk about.