A small update.

So, it looks like I won’t be recording tonight. I forgot all about the PPV, and then I had a couple other things that I wanted to get done, so I don’t think that recording is going to happen today. I’m not really under much pressure, though, since I haven’t had the last 10 videos watched, another day before the next one isn’t going to hurt. Plus, I’m thinking about searching for Cricket off-camera, so you don’t see me flailing around helplessly for half an hour or so again.


Not much else exciting to report. Cable and I didn’t get to do anything last night. He ended up at work for a bit over an hour and a half extra. Not ideal by any standards. 


I did download the Fallout 4 Creation Kit, so there may eventually be an overpowered weapons run, and whatever else I think about adding to the game. We will see, though. I’m not sure I’ve played enough of FO4 to be ready to mod it up yet. I think I went through FNV like four times before I started adding mods, so…you know. We will see, though. Maybe in the meantime I’ll come up with something cool to add. Though I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one. Hehe. Besides that, I really haven’t gotten much gaming stuff done in the past couple days. I think that’s going to change tomorrow, though. I want to get some gaming time in. 


That’s all for now.