So, I have a good bit of news! I can actually run Doom on my PC just fine. Even though the specs say I need a better hard drive, it works no prob. At least, as far as I got into it, it worked just fine. Now I just need to practice it some. 


As for Far Harbor…I haven’t really decided what to do yet. I suppose I will go ahead and do that, but I still want to get a couple things taken care of before we start that. I’m just kinda watching videos tonight, but I will probably record something tomorrow. Hopefully, I can find what I’m looking for. We shall see.


Not much else has gone on, really. Just kinda hanging around and all of that. Cable says he wants to do something after he gets home from work, but we’ll see. I suppose it depends on how bad work was tonight, and how tired he is. 


Anyways, nothing much exciting to report, at least not right now.