Do I ask too much?

Sometimes I wonder. I keep hoping to win the Powerball, but it didn’t happen yet again. I prayed to a number of dieties, and still nothing. I begged the universe. Nothing. According to the rather silly The Secret, if you wish for something enough it will happen. It didn’t. Something good has to happen to me at some point, right? Why can’t it be this? I know the odds are 292 million to one, but why can’t I be the one for once?


At any rate, I was planning on playing a game this evening. I really was. I may still, but maybe not as long as I want to. I got sidetracked by waiting for the drawing. Then after that, I’ve gotten distracted by the WWE Network. Maybe if nothing else, I can get some gaming in tomorrow. Cable has the day off, maybe we’ll play something. I suppose we shall see. Of course, he may want to play Lego Rock Band, or his game in Nox. Or maybe he just wants to hang back and play his clicker games. I don’t know. 


On another note, I installed the Overwatch beta tonight. I don’t know if I’ll play it any, but I have it installed. I’m not too big on multiplayer games like that. I suppose I should say, I’m not too big on multiplayer games with strangers. Of course, I used to do it all the time in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Even Modern Warfare 2 to an extent. But nowadays, I’m just not really all about that. I’d rather play games with my friends. (All two of them.) Or Cable. Just kinda doing our thing, playing our games our way. Kinda makes you wonder why I have the itch for World Of Warcraft. Of course, in WoW, I mostly just hang out by myself. I did run dungeons with Cable at times, but I mostly just kinda did my own thing. I’ll be perfectly honest, I’m hoping that when WoW finally reaches the end of its life, that Blizzard converts it into a single player game. It will probably never happen, but it’s something that I would really love. I suppose that’s part of the appeal of a private server to me. A whole world where I’m the only one. I could tweak it to my liking. But, with Blizzard cracking down on that vanilla server not that long ago, people are a little more gunshy about their server and their software. I need to see what I can find, and get what I can get. I just wish that I knew how to program stuff like that, so that I could help work on something like that. I know the server software that I used before had a lot of stuff that still needed fixed. I wish I could have contributed. I still do. But college was so long ago, and the last time I programmed, it was in PHP and HTML, not C++ or C# or LUA or whatever the server needs. 


Anyways, I suppose I don’t have a whole lot else to talk about right now. I’m gonna get some games played soon. I’m sure of it.