After a couple days off, I finally got the last episode of Automatron recorded. I also think it’s been a couple days since I posted an episode, but I did get one out tonight. I’ve been a little more scatterbrained than usual, and that didn’t help me out. That fight at the end, I must say, is really quite the slog. I even had to quicksave during it a couple of times. At one point, I went from like 30% to dead in like one shot. I have no idea how that happened, and I ended up using a lot of stimpacks just to get through the fight. I guess that’s not the worst thing to have to deal with, but I had built up a nice supply of them, and then it all went bye-bye. Well, not ALL my stimpacks, but the reserves that I had built back up. I still have some left, which is good. I’ll probably need them for Far Harbor once that comes out. 


I may do another episode or two of FO4 in the meantime, to just kinda get myself set up a little better. You know, mod the weapons, fix the power armor, maybe find another weapon or two…things like that. I haven’t decided for sure yet, but I’m thinking about it. We’ll see on that one, I guess.


Now that I’m done with Automatron, it’s time to start thinking about Doom 3. I have a few more FO4 vids to put up first, but I’m pretty much ready to start recording Doom 3. I don’t know if I’ll record and post one at a time, or if I’ll do what I did this time, and record a bunch at once. I suppose it doesn’t matter quite so much with Doom. I suppose there are a few factors that will go into deciding how I record that. I’ll cross that bridge in a few days, though.


On the bright side, now that I’m done with FO4 for the minute, I can sit back and breathe easier. Maybe do a little bit of regular game playing. I still have Firewatch to finish, and I started playing a little bit of Grim Dawn. I also have other games, of course, in various states of startedness, though I would imagine that anything I haven’t played for some time would be a candidate for starting over. 


Really, besides that, there hasn’t been much else of note happening. Not that this is a bad thing.