One month down.

Well, it will be in a little over twelve hours, at any rate. The first month of the year hasn’t been too bad. It’s been pretty cash strapped, but other than that, things have gone pretty well. I’m still slacking on recording, and I shouldn’t be. I think I’m finally close to the end, though. I don’t know how much motivation that I have to play through FO4 again, though. I suppose we shall see. Maybe in a few months, I’ll pick it back up again. Maybe. Of course, I’ve heard of a couple FNV mods that are pretty new that sound interesting, so I may end up going back to that again. That would not be a surprise, really. I mean, I’d probably play through it again anyways.


Let’s see, what’s been happening the past few weeks. Not too much, really. Cable has a second job, and the two seem to be working well together so far, so hopefully, the rest of the year will go more smoothly, now that we’re past last bill/first bill bullshit. And it turns out my mouse is dying. I found an article on how to fix it, but I don’t remember if I bookmarked it or not. I suppose I can probably look it up again, but I don’t know about dinking with all the tiny parts in the mouse. I think I have some tweezers somewhere, so that might help. Other than that, I’ll have to buy a new mouse, which is not my idea of a great time. I picked up a few more cheap Steam games, but nothing too exciting. 


So, as I said, I think I’m getting to the end of FO4. That brings me to a logical question…what do I do next? I’ve had Doom 3 on my list for a while now, but do I want to do that next? There’s so many games that I *could* be doing next, but I haven’t really sat down and thought about what I *want* to do next. Doom 3, is one, but that brings up another question…what about Final Doom? I haven’t touched that yet, and I have two full games worth of recording to do on that. It could come next. I would want to practice some first, because I’m not too teriibly familiar with them. I’ve had them for a long time, of course, but I’ve more done the two base games, and lots of other WAD files, and not much of Final Doom. Or the Master Levels, I don’t think I’ve ever played through more than one or two of those. There’s also the possibility of doing Fallout 3 next. But do I want to do a third Fallout game in a row? Maybe that would be better served as part of a larger recording schedule. Maybe. Of course, there’s also the option to do something totally different. Or maybe not totally different, but at least not Fallout of Doom. I mean, I have plenty of games to play that would make for an interesting time. I did think a little bit about an RPG, but I don’t know how long that might take. Ehh…we’ll see.


Not much else to talk about right now, so I suppose I’ll end it at this point. Heh.