One week down.

The first week of 2016 is now in the books. I didn’t do as much as I would have liked this week. I was in a bit of a funk for much of it. A lot of it related to money. December was a hard month. Lots of bills and the Steam Winter Sale. Not to mention things here and there. It looks like it’s getting better, though. The second set of bills should be all taken care of now, except for one. The Winter Sale is over, and Cable has a job now. It’s just part time, but he’s still looking for a second one to go with that one. More income is not a bad thing, when what you need to output goes up. Heh. I’m hoping we can get this ship righted before too long. I think we’ll be fine.


I still haven’t done a whole lot of gaming. I’ve even slacked off on recording a little bit here and there. Not that anyone really noticed. I need to work on getting my profile raised, both here and on YouTube. I was hoping that getting a quick start on Fallout 4 would help me, but with so many people doing Fallout 4, and some people having videos out early, it just never really happened. I’m going to try and record here in a little bit, hopefully Danzig will work with me. I think we’re getting close to the end, but I can’t be sure until the credits roll, I suppose. It does not help that I’m not having a great time with FO4. I really feel kinda disappointed by it, overall. It’s certainly not FO3 or New Vegas, that’s for sure. Of course, I’m a bit biased towards NV, personally. I could play that over and over. I just…don’t feel like that with Fallout 4. Maybe after I’ve beaten it for the playthrough, I’ll start a new game and try doing more exploring and things like that. I don’t know if it will help, though. 


Not to mention that I have so many other games to play. I picked up quite a few things in the Steam sale, including Witcher 3, which is supposed to be really good. I suppose we will see when I get around to that point. I’m also looking forward to messing around in LEGO Worlds. Plus all the other games that I have. And I also picked up Super Mario Maker right before Christmas, and I want to mess with that, too. Not that I will be good at making levels or things like that, but it will be interesting to mess around with. Ahh. I have an overload of games, and it’s only getting worse. I will get more than just a few knocked out this year, though. I can promise you that. If for no other reason, than because I plan on recording several things over the year. 


Of course, we all know how well my plans generally go, so we shall see.