An update of non epic proportions.

So, I decided that it was time to actually update for a change. It’s been over a month since the last proper update, and almost a month that we’ve been all moved into the house.


Anyways, I got all the painting done in time for the movers to come. That was a big accomplishment for me. Everything got moved without problems. My mom and I got the desk all set up a little bit after the movers left. Then I got the computer all set up, of course. Unfortunately, the less than helpful Frontier decided they didn’t want to install my connection without giving them paperwork. Why? I don’t know, I’ve never had to do that before just to get an internet connection. So, they didn’t install it on time, or really even close to on time. I was offline a lot longer than I really wanted to be, and I wasn’t as able to get Fallout 4 updates out like I wanted. At any rate, I’ve been online for a bit now, and I’ve been pumping out the updates every day, just like I was before. I don’t know how far I’m getting, though. I think I’m working my way through pretty well. I haven’t done a whole lot of side quests, but I may do a few more. Or maybe I’ll just kinda wander past most of them. I know I tried to do one the other day, and just kept getting shot down by difficult mobs. Maybe once I level up a bit more, I’ll head back there and try again. 


I suppose that’s enough about that for now. I can also now say that Cable has been home for a few weeks now. It’s rather nice, really. He even has some job prospects already, which is good. 


To be totally honest, there hasn’t been a whole lot that’s going on. Trying to keep it low key and all of that. Hell, I’m still adjusting to being in a new place still. I still tend to kick things in the dark. I’ll get the house figured out eventually. I’m probably forgetting all sorts of things that have gone on, that just aren’t registering right now. Maybe I’ll think of more. Maybe I’ll do a big rundown of the house at some point. Mostly, I wanted to update to make sure you all know that I’m still kicking. Of course, if you’re reading this, you probably already know that, because you’re following the Fallout 4 LP. 


At any rate, this was a nice little update for you. I will make darn sure to update more often. I may even try to update every day or every other day. Something like that. Just to keep things on the up an up.