A Homeowner Again

So, closing was this morning. I wasn’t too thrilled about that. Well, about the morning part, that is. The closing part was good. Hehe. So, I’m a homeowner again, and now I technically have two homes, at least for a little bit. Unfortunately, the movers aren’t coming until the 24th. The internet connection is being moved on the 23rd, of course, so I may end up having to skip a day of Fallout 4 after all. Kinda sucky, but I’m not exactly getting a lot of views, so I suppose it’s not a major deal. I would rather that the furniture was moved first, but you can’t have everything, I guess. I still have a bunch of stuff to pack, and still have to paint. I did get the paint today, I just have to do it now. Ugh. Not my favorite part of the deal. I don’t know if I’ll start tomorrow or not. I shouldn’t wait too long, though. Also, I have a new fridge coming on Sunday. That’s pretty nice, though the ones I really wanted were too big for the space that’s there. I wanted one with ice and water through the door, but they’re all too wide and too tall. I had to settle for a smaller one with a regular ice maker. Blah. I guess I’ll survive. We told them that we needed the water line installed twice, but I’m not sure that they got what was being said. I suppose that will be found out on Sunday.


Anyways, I spent a good deal of the day with house stuff. I was home, at the apartment, for a few hours, and then took a few things over there, though a few was all my back could handle. I didn’t really do anything this evening. Just kinda relaxed a bit. I also got a Fallout 4 video out, of course, but it was a little bit later than I wanted. I need to work on that. What I’d really like to do is to record a few videos at a time, but right now, with all the move stuff going on, it’s really hard to do that. I ran afoul of a large pack of Feral Ghouls today, and that hurt pretty bad. I didn’t die, but I came close a couple times. I wonder how many playthroughs it’s going to take me to get all the achievements. I do plan on getting them all, like I did with Fallout: New Vegas. I have all the trophies for Fallout 3 on PSN, well, for the base game. I don’t have any of the DLC trophies on there, but I don’t have any of the DLC on the PS3, either, so that makes it kinda hard. I do have them on the PC, of course, but for some reason, there’s no Steam Achievements in Fallout 3. I don’t really know why.


So, I talked about something similar the other day, but I’ve had another package problem. Supposedly, my package was delivered in my mailbox today. Of course, when I checked my mail today, there was no fucking package in there. I don’t know where it is. I don’t even know if it was actually delivered. I assume that if it was, it was put in some other mailbox. And if someone tried to bring it to me, I wasn’t home until later in the evening, and they didn’t try then. I’m hoping that it will turn up tomorrow, but I have no idea if it will or not. I could just be out $50, which fucking sucks. Thanks USPS, for being shitty once again. I wouldn’t think that this could be so hard. I mean, really, all the mailboxes around here are labeled with both the number and the name. How can you fuck that up? I’d almost rather that what happened before happened this time, where it randomly went to another town first, even though it had no reason to go there. So, I just have to kinda hope that wherever my package is, that person will be nice enough to bring it to me. Of course, they could also put it back in the mail, and I wouldn’t get it until Monday at the earliest. That would be annoying. <sigh>


Besides that, the past few days have mostly been packing and moving stuff around. More of that to come, of course. I hope I can get everything that I want to get done done in the time I’ve given myself to do it. I gave my 30 day notice the other day, so I’m on the clock anyways, but I want to be done before that, even. That way, I don’t have to worry about anything. I suppose we shall see what happens. I think that once this month is over, I will be less stressed. I hope. 


So, tomorrow is more work, I suppose. I think, at least. Maybe I’ll take the day off, who knows. I doubt I will do that, though. I’m sure that I’ll end up doing something at least, and I’ll probably be at the house at least once. 


Anyways, I think that’s all I have for now. Heh.