Overall, things suck today.

It’s not been a great day for me. Now mind you, because I have a schedule that’s different from most, my days tend to be from noon to noon, not midnight to midnight. Everything I do from midnight until I go to bed around four, I consider to be the same day as the stuff before midnight. Granted, the name of the day changes in there, but it’s one segment today. This is an important distinction, because last night, things were fine. Fallout 4 unlocked at midnight, and I proceeded to do two videos. How people had Fallout 4 videos out already, I’m not so sure. Especially when I know that the date that they uploaded the video was the 9th and I know some of them are people that hadn’t gotten to midnight in their region yet, so the game wasn’t technically out yet. I started as soon as Fallout 4 cleared Steam, and I was already at least a couple videos behind. I don’t know how that works. 


Anyways, last night was good. Mostly. I didn’t have my meds last night, because even though I called it in the day before, Walmart’s wonderful pharmacy didn’t bother to fill my order until it was too late for me to want to go back out, especially when I was right freaking there about an hour before that. I was so pissed. So I had to suffer with that. Then, I had a really bad dream before I woke up early today. Between the two, my day was thrown way the fuck off. I haven’t recovered from that all day. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to today, because I’ve just been so worn out today. I’m really hoping that tomorrow is better. And I REALLY hope I don’t have another bad dream tonight. They seem to be coming more frequently lately, and they’re getting worse and worse. 


So, I’m not sure what to do with myself right now. I should work on some more packing, especially with closing going on Friday. I need to call movers, but I don’t want to schedule them too soon, though I would imagine that I would be at least a week out anyways. I have to call utilities, but I don’t know how many of them I’ll be able to call tomorrow, with it being a holiday. Maybe I’ll just wait until Thursday for that. Maybe I’ll go get some comfort food, and see if I can get some sort of second wind going, so I can at least get more stuff packed. It seems like it never ends, though. I’ll do what I can tonight. Probably do another video, maybe two, depending on how I’m feeling. Besides that, I’m kinda hoping that I can relax at least a little bit. Not sure if that’s going to happen, though. I suppose we shall see. 


Oh, and on top of that, UPS decided they didn’t want to be bothered to come to my apartment, apparently, so they delivered my Fallout 4 Pip-Boy edition to the office. Of course, that was half an hour after I had already been there, and I didn’t find out until an hour after they closed for the day. I swear, between UPS and the USPS, it’s amazing I actually get anything delivered. UPS won’t bother coming to the door, and USPS takes as long as fucking possible to get your stuff to you. Unless it’s a bill, of course, those always come on time. Priority Mail? It may be a priority to you, but not to us, that’s the USPS way.


Anyways, that’s all I have for now.