Hey there. It’s been a few days again. Not that you’ve missed much. I’m still considering doing something short in the interim between now and Fallout 4. I just haven’t decided for sure. Maybe I’ll work on something this weekend. I haven’t decided yet. Heh. 


Besides that, I’m still working my way through all the paperwork for the house. I’m so close now. Only a few more things that I need to do, I think. I hope. We’re getting down to the nitty gritty now. I’m excited. So close that I can almost taste it. Not that houses taste great. Heh. Drywall is not really my thing, but I suppose someone somewhere has probably eaten some before. Because people are weird.


Nothing much of interest has gone on besides that, really. I did some clean up around the apartment. I know, that’s not exciting, but I got a little behind on that lately, being a lazy bastard and all that. I need to work on not being so lazy. And I need to go to the grocerty tomorrow, since the fridge is nearly empty. I have a few things in the freezer, but not a whole lot. Plus I have a little more paperwork to do tomorrow. That’s fun stuff. Hehe. I’m hoping to kinda take it easy this weekend, though. I can’t say that I’m totally looking forward to the weekend, though, since the Colts have to play the damn Patriots on Sunday. Not my idea of a good time. I have the feeling that we will get stomped again, kinda like we usually do against them. Blah.


Anyways, that’s just one small part of the weekend, though it will be a bummer of a part. Besides that, though, I really don’t have many plans for the weekend. Maybe start a playthrough and do some laundry. I would say start packing stuff, but we still have to get to closing, and really, even though we’re really close, I could still be turned down for my mortgage, though I think if that were anywhere near likely, I would have been told about that already. But anways, even without packing, I have a quite a bit of stuff that could be moved right now, since it’s either in boxes, or doesn’t really need to be in a box to move. Especially since I plan on moving what I can by myself this time. It’s a lot easier for me do to that here, than it was to do that last time I moved. 


Not much else to add right now. Oh! I was sick, as I mentioned last time, but only for a couple days, so it was nothing really bad. I’m glad for that.