Just another day.

So, there hasn’t been too much going on today. My mom came over for a while and that was the biggest event going on today. Not much else has happened. I did play a bit of Fallout Shelter today, and had a whole lot of bad luck. I had three radroach infestations and two raider attacks today. The radroaches were the real problem. They killed off a bunch of people the first time, I got all but one of then resurrected, and then the second attack happened, and they killed off even more people that time. Luckily, the third time they didn’t kill anyone, but it took me much of the night to get people resurrected again. The raider attacks were pretty cake because I have a couple well armed guards in the front room. In both of the raider attacks, they never made it out of that room. I couldn’t believe my horrible luck today. I hope it takes it easier on me for the next few days, I’m still working on getting things in shape, though I think I’m pretty close to being back in the good graces of the vault dwellers.


Besides that, not much has gone on today. A shock, I know. I guess that means there’s not a whole lot else to say for the night. Just my Fallout Shelter trauma. Heh.