So, it’s been a few days again. I’m so bad at that sometimes. On the bright side, you haven’t really missed much. Haven’t done much game playing, only recorded a few FNV videos, which I need to do again. Watched a bit of wrestling, both recent and not so recent. Really, that’s pretty much it. It’s been a boring few days, I guess. Although I didn’t feel too good for a couple of those days, so maybe I can be excused for not getting much done. I don’t know. I do know that episode 53 has gone out today. Over fifty videos of New Vegas already. And we have three DLC done now, just Lonesome Road to go. I have to say, though, I can’t decide if I want to do something else first, or just head on in and get the last one done. I suppose that will mostly depend on how I feel when I start recording. 


I have bills to pay tomorrow, yuck. I also have to go down the the jail and pick up Cable’s things since he was sent off to prison. I’m going to have to call down there, first, though, because I have no idea where to go to do that. I had someone try to tell me where, but they really weren’t sure completely, either. So, I guess I’ll be calling jail info tomorrow. I am not looking forward to doing that. I hate making calls. Speaking of Cable, I got a letter from him today. He’s all tucked away in his new prison for a few months. I’ll tell you, I could sure use him out here. That would make some things much easier. Guess that will have to wait, though. 


Anyways, nothing much else to talk about right now. Nothing really juicy or anything like that has gone on. I suppose tomorrow I’ll do the jail thing. And maybe stop at the grocery quick while I’m out. Probably would be a good idea, since I’m low on a few things. Not looking forward to either of those tasks. I also need to get on FNV recording, so maybe I’ll do some of that tomorrow evening/night. So maybe the whole of tomorrow won’t be horrible, just parts of it. Really not looking foward to the jail thing. Blah.