Looks like I forgot to post again last night. I’m getting in a bad habit of that. I need to stop. Of course, I generally post with my feet up on the desk, since it’s more comfortable, but Danzig has been laying there a lot lately. Nothing exciting went on yesterday. It was a pretty lazy Sunday. I did spend a good bit of time watching wrestling, but that’s mostly it. Well, I played Clicker Heroes a bit, but besides that, not much went on. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I have so many games to play. Maybe I’ll finally start moving forward with a couple of the other video projects that I want to get done. Or at least get started. Sometimes my laziness takes over though, and I don’t get as much done as I would like. I suppose maybe it’s more depression than anything, but either way, I’m not getting stuff done. I need to do that. I have video projects to work on, FNV to keep up with, I need some graphics for my channel and Twitter page. I should probably update the site a little bit more. Things like that. I should work on my Patreon page. I need, I should. I just gotta buckle down and do some of this stuff. It doesn’t have to be super fancy, just done. 


Speaking of FNV, I did record a bit today. Not quite as much as usual, but Danzig was meowing at me pretty hard, so I finished up for a bit. I suppose I could always do more tonight, if I’m so inclined. I suppose that depends on how hot I want it to get in here. I got a decent bit of progress done today, though, so I’m under no pressure to get things done right now. I guess that’s good. I’ll probably just wait a day or two to record more. We shall see. 


In other news, my mom talked to her neighbor recently. The one with the house I want. I guess they were talking to someone who said their asking price was way too high, and that they should convert the area that is their dining area back into a bedroom. My mom mentioned that I liked it as is, but again, can’t do anything until November. I guess they’re going to get an estimate to convert it back and see from there. I wish they’d just settle their tea kettle, but I guess there’s not much I can do about that. I think I may have mentioned this before, but they’re also thinking about taking it off the market for the winter, if it doesn’t get sold. I don’t know if that means before November, or not. All I know is that things are starting to be much more of a pain now, then if they would just relax a bit. It’s making me stressed out, and a stressed out UsYr is a useless UsYr.


Besides that, though, things aren’t too bad. I didn’t do much else today, but I really didn’t need to. I did pay a couple bills over the weekend, so everything is all caught up for now. At least for a bit over a week, when the rest of the bills are due. I think I may have to do some grocery shopping before then, though. Not much, just some. I already picked up more cat food the other day. I suppose I could have saved myself a trip if I had come up with a few other things that I needed at the time. Oh well. 


As to tonight, I’m not sure yet. I still have a ways to go before bedtime. Maybe I’ll play something, or more likely, I’ll just sit around and watch more wreslting. Isn’t that always the way? Heh.