I forgot to post for a few days again. I’m bad about that sometimes. I need to work on that. I don’t think you missed a whole lot, though. I haven’t felt great today, but I think it’s a combination of drinking last night, and forgetting to take my meds last night. I didn’t realize that until a few hours ago. And I’m starting to freak out about everything. I don’t know if that’s the meds, or just me being me. Today has not been the best day. I did get Episode 40 up, though, so that’s something.


I made the mistake of drunk recording again last night. I seem to have six more videos now. I know I was kinda on a recording frenzy last night. I hope they’re not too terrible. I need to stop that. I think I did alright. I did have the game lock up once, though, which was kinda unfun. 


I hope tomorrow is a better day.