Not a great day.

Not that it was really a bad day. I mean, a couple parts were. It certainly could have been worse. I got a decent recording session in, and Danzig didn’t even attack me. However, the pizza guy showed up while I was recording. Of course, I didn’t order any pizza, so that was kind of a surprise. Also, episode 6 went out today, which is good. FNV was definitely not my problem.


The problem is money, of course. It always seems to be. I opened my power bill today and about fell over. It was way higher than it should be. I have no good reason for it, either. Guess I need to make some changes or something. I wonder if part of that was having the heat on for a few days while the AC was on, because that happened. Maybe that’s on this bill. Anyways, I turned the AC up some more, and switched it to Energy Saver, which it apparently wasn’t on. I’m also going to have to make some changes in what I buy at the store. I also changed my phone plan as much as I could today, as well. I mean, I don’t have enough money to pay the rest of the bills this month without going into savings, and I need that money for the house. I hope that these changes can help get my bills down enough. I really do. And finally getting off cigs. I suppose we shall see. 


Besides all that, not a whole lot else has gone on today. I did get my meds, though I’m not sure that they’re even doing anything. I almost want to stop them, but then, I may put my disability in jeopardy buy not trying to get treated. I don’t know how that works for mental problems. Ugh. Too much stress. And I’ve never understood why I have an Anxiety disorder, but no anti-anxeity meds. I suppose in part because my provider sucks. 


Really, that’s my day in a nut shell. Stress and FNV. And not a whole lot else. I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the next four months.