Is it good or bad?

That’s a question I struggle with sometime. Right now, in regards to my lack of a lot of game playing. I keep thinking about playing something, but at the same time, I have ideas for my YouTube channel, and I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I suppose that sounds kinda silly, but that’s what goes through my head. There’s always some weird roadblock to me just sitting down and playing something. Not that I’ve been playing nothing lately, just not a whole lot. I need to work on that. And I don’t want to get too involved in something, to the point where I actually forget to record Fallout: New Vegas episodes, though I don’t know that anything could really make me forget about doing that. Mainly because I love playing that game so much. 


As you can probably guess, I didn’t do much game playing again today. Just a bit of Clicker Heroes. I’m sure that just like usual, there will be no Diablo 2 tonight. I’m still annoyed by that, but I suppose I shouldn’t be at this point. It’s certainly not like I generally get my way anyways, so having to play games by myself should be something I’m used to. Oh well.


Not much else has gone on today. And the neighbors have been quiet, so I’m thinking that maybe the second phone call to the office worked. I can hope. It was truly getting ridiculous. 


Episode for of Overpowered And Loving it went up today, which is exciting, at least for me. Now if only I could get some views. Of course, I say that about this site, too. I need to buckle down and learn how to promote myself better on the web. Of course, I need to find ways of doing that that don’t involve spending money. I’m sure there are plenty of them, I just have to buckle down and learn. Maybe I’ll work on that this weekend, along with doing some recording and doing my final push to finally stop smoking. I have a feeling it’s going to be a hard weekend, but it will be worth it. I’m sure of it.


Tomorrow will be interesting, I suppose. I get to go to the grocery tomorrow and pick up a few things. I was hoping that I could pick up my meds tomorrow, so that I could do everything at once, but for some reason, the computer told me that it wouldn’t be ready until Friday, which is bothersome, since I planned to be inside for the next several days after tomorrow, but now I have to go out an extra time. Blah.


Anyways, I think that’s all I have for now, time to go sit in front of my desktop and ponder all the gaming icons on it. Not to mention all my console games. And 3DS games. You’d think I could at least break out the 3DS sometimes while I watching wrestling or something like that. Maybe I will at some point, I have quite a few games that I haven’t played yet on that. (Because of course I do.)