Fallout: New Vegas weirdness.

I assume it’s because of the number of mods that I have shoved into FNV, but I’ve noticed a few weird things playing it. We’ve only run into one of them so far in the Ovepowered run, but I expect to run into the others as well, and maybe even more. The first one, the one you’ve seen already, that the VATS screen is all messed up. I have no idea why that is, I wouldn’t think that any of the mods touch the VATS screen. Something, however, has caused it to go all weird. It’s not really a big problem, because I rarely ever use VATS. I used it a lot more in Fallout 3 when I played on the PS3, but on the PC, not so much. I used it mainly because it’s a little harder to control your aim with a controller than it is with the mouse and keyboard. I know there are other benefits, too, like the reduced damage, and there are several VATS related perks, but I really don’t need any of that. I will continue to use it once in awhile, because of the interesting camera angles, and killcams, but it’s certainly not something that I will rely on at any given point.


The second weird thing that I’ve noticed, it that unique weapons will end up in strange places. I don’t know if it’s a mod that’s trying to move them around, or it’s just some messed up loot table, or something like that. I know that the base game uniques are still in their original locations, though, as well. As an example, I was dinking around on my previous character the other day. Not really doing anything, just wandering around some, and I had picked up the unique minigun, the CZ57 Avenger, in its normal spot in The Devil’s Throat some time ago, and had it on my wall in Lombard Station. But then, as I was wandering around, I found another Avenger inside a Metal Box that was laying in a pile of junk. I don’t know why, but it was in there. I was pretty sure that I had already had that, and went back to double check, and sure enough, it was there. I also remember finding the La Longue Carabine in a Nuka-Cola vending machine once before. Which I suppose is better than having to kill Corporal Sterling, I think it is, for it, if you’re friendly with the NCR. I mean, sure you can probably get a Sneak kill on him and not take a reputation hit, but details.


The third thing that I have noticed is that for some odd reason, when the Legion starts sending out hit squads after me, usually only one of them will be hostile, and the rest will just kinda stand around being neutral to me. I find that really odd, since I’m obviously not on good terms with the Legion at that point, and it’s not like I could walk into Cottonwood Cove or into the Fort and have some of them neutral. They all act hostile, like they’re supposed to. It’s just a thing with the hit squads. It doesn’t really change anything, because I usually kill them anyways, but it’s really odd. I suppose maybe if I knew more about how they were spawned, that might answer that, but I don’t.


Those are the only three things that I’ve noticed that are weird, but there’s no saying that there won’t be other things that we find along the way in the Overpowered run. I almost look forward to finding more funkiness, because that keeps things interesting. Oh yes, I guess there is one more thing that I noticed in this run that I haven’t seen before, and that’s Police Pistols dropping outside of Dead Money. I don’t think that’s been in the videos that I’ve released yet, but it happens, and I even use one for a bit, when I get low on 10mm ammo. So, I guess that’s four weird things that I’ve come across with my install.


At least none of this is game breaking, and we haven’t had a crash yet, which is good. I do expect that to happen at some point, though. I mean, it IS New Vegas after all, and it’s nothing if not buggy. Hehe.