A small dose of radiation!

Okay, that’s not true. Well, not completely. Anyways, I recorded some more of FNV: Overpowered And Loving It today. That was some good times. I’m tempted to record more, but I don’t know how far ahead I want to get. Also, Episode 3 went out today, which is pleasing. What is not so pleasing, is that I’m not getting any views. At least, not yet, I’m not. I need to work on that somehow.


Besides that, it’s been a pretty light day today. The neighbors haven’t been to bad today, so maybe my second call did the trick? I’m not sure. I can hope. 


Really, not much has gone on besides the recording. Well, there is the usual stressing about money, and how I can get more. Maybe I just need to be more patient, I don’t know. I know I have a little more spending to curtail, but not a whole lot. If I could finally wean myself all the way of cigs, that would help. Of course, that makes my stress go up even more. Which I guess makes sense. On the bright side, it’s July now, so I only have four months to go. Of course, that means only four more months to come up with more cash. My mom says that it will all work out, but personally, I’m not so sure. I suppose I’ve always been a pessimist, though. But life made me that way. 


Anyways, I’m off to stress, and maybe find a game to play.