No exciting events today.

It’s been a pretty quiet day overall. Did a few maintenance things on the web, not on the website, but on a couple of accounts around the web. Nothing really exciting, not right now, at least. Took out the trash today, is that exciting? Nah. I haven’t really played games much, just a little bit of dinking around with things in FNV, but nothing terribly exciting there, either. I did come up with a couple ideas, but nothing solid right now. I was going to work on making a couple checklists for the FNV playthrough, but then I decided that I’d probably spend too much time checking the lists and I want it to be a bit more organic than that. Did a recording test, and now I want to do a video editing test, because there are a couple small spots that I will need to chop out of the first video. Silly user made models, they never have undies on, and I don’t think YouTube would be too happy if I left that in. That’s probably something that I’ll work on tomorrow. Really, that was all that went on today. You would think there would have been more, but that’s not the case. Heh. 


Tomorrow is another light day, I don’t have any chores or anything planned. Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t find any to do, just that I don’t plan on doing anything. Makes for a good day, if my brain cooperates, and doesn’t make with the thinking. That’s where things go bad. I may look up how to do some light FNV scripting for one idea I have, but I make no promises on that. I also want to look in to a couple of mods and see if I can see anything exciting in them, though that one is more for my own benefit than for anything playthrough related. I’m hoping to start recording videos this weekend. I should be able to get done with it before Fallout 4 comes out. I figure that I can post one a day, and that shouldn’t take too long. Well, it will surely take a while, but I should be done by November. If not, I’m sure I’ll survive. I am planning on doing a Fallout 4 series, too. And some other stuff, while I’m at it. I just have a few things to think about and sort out before I really get going. It will be nice to do some productive stuff for a change.


I’ll also be doing a little updating to the site, as well. Not much, just adding a few things. Like, I want to put up the Wrath Of The Lich King videos that I have done, and adding a couple of links to the side. Probably not much more than that. Just some little things here and there that I’ve been wanting to do and just haven’t yet. I kinda wish that I had recorded the Cataclysm raids when I had the chance, but for some reason, I wanted to finish of WotLK first, and I never did get Ulduar down. Damn you Yogg-Saron! I guess that was silly of me. Oh well, I guess it saves some space on the website, and there’s nothing saying that I won’t go back and do them some other time. Right now, though, my account is inactive, so no doing it in the short term. 


Speaking of WoW, the 6.2 patch came out today. Now everyone is working on the shipyard, and the new raid, and Tanaan Jungle. I hope it’s good stuff. I do plan on doing it someday. I wonder how long it will take people to burn through the content. And to work on Draenor flying. That one looks like it will take quite a bit of effort. I know that I’m nowhere near the 100 treasures found, much less the other stuff that’s required. I’m sure there are people that already had the requirements done and are flying already. Good for them, I suppose. 


Anyways, I think that’s all I have to talk about for now.