I’m glad there’s not a diplodocus on my back.

I did not sleep well last night. As a matter of fact, you could say I slept horribly. I kept waking up, and I think I finally stayed awake around 8:45 or so. As you will note, this is less than five hours from my normal bedtime. To say that I’m a bit tired today would be a pretty accurate statement. I even tried to take a nap today and only got like 45 minutes. I sure hope that I sleep better tonight, I sure could use it. Anyways, thankfully, it’s been a quiet day. Just a couple of chores to do, and a bit of gaming. Not a whole lot so far, but I did play some Paranautical Activity, and fired up Rogue Shooter for the first time. I really like it. I could use some practice, of course, but I think I did okay for the first time. I suppose I might have done better with the sound on, but I didn’t do that. At least, not this time. I’m thinking about playing something else, but I’m not sure what. I was thinking the other day that I should try Cities Skylines again, but my first town failed so miserably that it’s left me a little gun shy. I’ll get back to it in time, I’m sure. I’ve always had a soft spot for SimCity and the like, but it seems to come in spurts. I even have SimCity for the C64. I remember playing that quite a bit, even if it was mostly just black rectangles and boxes. I had a good time. Heh.


I talked to Auren a little bit today. He’s found a couple of items on his paladin that the necros can use. I suppose that’s good. I mean, if he’s going to spend time not playing with me, I suppose finding something for me to use when we actually do play is good. Details.


Not much else going on for the rest of the evening. Like I said, I kinda want to play some more stuff. Just not sure what. And not sure how long I’ll be awake tonight. I’m already yawning a fair bit, but I suppose we shall see.