A little behind again.

I’m a little behind, but you really didn’t miss much. I haven’t done a whole lot, really. Played some D2 with Auren. and we’re now past Act II. Unfortunately, Act III is next, and neither one of us really like act III. Hopefully, we can get through it kinda quickly, and get past all that. Besides that, I still really haven’t done any gaming. Just some Clicker Heroes, nothing too exciting. It’s getting to the point, though, where monster health is just so huge compared to the damage that I do. And the next hero is pretty far away, money wise. Besides that, it’s been a pretty boring past few days. I’m really going to try and change that tomorrow and actually do some game playing. 


So, I really don’t have much of anything besides that right now. Like I said, it’s been pretty boring. I have a few things that I could do, and a couple of things that I want to do, but those can wait for a few days. I do have to pay bills tomorrow, and I have a letter from Cable that I need to reply to, but that’s it, really.