Kinda a boring day.

It really was. I did a couple chores, but that was about it. It really was a kinda boring day today. Not even any gaming went on today. On the bright side, I got my dehumidifer today, and it’s really made a difference already. I’m very happy with it. The bed feels so much better now. I’ve actually been avoiding sleeping in the bed the past couple nights. I actually slept in the office, which isn’t unheard of, of course. That was pretty much the highlight of my day. Not that that’s a bad thing, I suppose. Means it was kind of an easy day. I do wish I had done some gaming, though. Maybe I’ll get to that tomorrow, I don’t have much on my schedule tomorrow. Or for Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Though, I do hope to do some recording this weekend. I think I need to do a couple test runs of the start of the game before I do that, just so I don’t miss anything and everything is in order. I think it’s all ready, but you never know with me. I don’t plan on doing a complete run, but I do plan on showing off a lot of stuff. And I want to cover a bunch of the mod stuff. There’s actually a couple of mods that I haven’t really played with at all that I might mess around with during my run. Maybe I should pull out my most recent character and check them out a little bit before I embarass myself. Of course, I don’t plan on getting to that stuff right away or anything like that, so I have some time to work on that. I also can’t decide how I want to release the videos. I plan on recording multiple videos at once, but I can’t decide if I want to release them like that, or do them like one a day. I suppose doing one a day would be more sane, but I’ve never been one to do things the sane way. Heh. I guess I should worry about getting them recorded first. 


Besides that, I don’t have a whole lot to talk about, really. Played some D2 with Auren last night, and we did the maggot lair. The only problem with that, though, is that we’re both summon Necromancers, so it took a fair bit of effort, and a lot of golem summoning to get it done. We did it, though. Mind you, it might not have been so bad if we weren’t on /players 8. Oh well. We’re past it now, and that’s what matters. I’m dreading Act III though, only because I really hate that act. I always have. 


Well, that’s all I have for you right now, so I’ll leave it here for the moment.