War. War never changes.

E3 begins tomorrow! I can’t wait for the Fallout 4 news that will be coming out pretty early tomorrow. Unfortunately, I’ll have to catch up on it a bit later, since I’ll still be in bed. Well, I hope to still be in bed. I didn’t sleep very well last night. I hope I sleep better tonight. I don’t know what the problem was, but I kept waking up. I think it was something like six times before I finally said ‘screw it’ and stayed up. Of course, I ended up falling asleep in my chair for a while, and then I went and took a nap for a few hours. It helped quite a bit. It didn’t help that the bed felt all we from the high humidity. I hope it’s not the same way tonight, but with all the rain that happened, I’m sure it will be. I hate that. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Danzig peeing all over the bed, because that would take quite a lot of cat pee for it to have covered the entire bed. Heh.


I didn’t play nearly enough games today, but I kinda knew from the start that something like this would happen. I don’t know why I just kinda freeze up come game time. It doesn’t help that I want to play FNV, and I can’t really do that until I start recording it. Well, I could, but I would rather not, I suppose. I need to work on my mod a little bit more, and then maybe I will be happy with it, and can properly start recording. I suppose I don’t have to work on the mod more, but I kinda want to. Not too much, just a few things here and there. Nothing terribly interesting, at least not to many besides myself. Ahh, details. 


I did play Paranautical Activity for a little while tonight, not too long though. I am not very good at it. Part of my problem is I just plain don’t move out of the way of projectiles fast enough. I need to work on that, so maybe I’ll be playing that more in the near future. I did get to the first floor boss one time, though, so it’s not all bad. Just need to work on that a bit more. It’s a pretty neat game, though, and it has a rocking soundtrack, which is always welcome. At least I played a little bit of something today. 


I don’t know what tonight will bring. There’s only about half an hour until Auren is possibly online, and then we might play Diablo 2. Of course, that also may not happen. I suppose it depends on him. It usually does. I could really go for a helping of 7 Days to Die, though. Of course, his crappy laptop won’t run it right, so that’s a no go. Blah. At one point, Cable said that once he got a little money from donating plasma, that he would get 7DtD so he could play with me, but, of course, instead of doing that, he reactivated his WoW account. Way to let me down, though I suppose I should have expected that. 


Not much else of note going on right now. Thinking about swapping some games around again, but I should probably try a few more out before I go and do that. I know I’m going to have to get rid of a few things off my hard drive once Fallout 4 comes out, but I will cross that bridge when it’s released. Heh.


Think I’m going to go and have a bagel.