Sorry about that.

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted for a few days. I don’t have any really good reason for it. I even thought about doing it a couple times, but kept getting sidetracked. On the bright side, you haven’t missed very much. I did go to the grocery to pick up a few things, and my leg was actually able to handle it. Of course, since I went to the store, I seem to be sick again. I can’t say for sure that it came from the grocery. I suppose it could have come from the gas station, which I was at a couple days ago. Could be. I suppose it depends on the incubation time of my illness. I think it’s a cold or something like that, although it could be worse. Maybe it’s a flu virus. That would tend to suck. Well, they would both suck. And whatever I have surely doesn’t make me happy. I suppose if I’ve had it a couple days already, that might explain why I was so tired this morning. Might. Of course, I didn’t sleep all that well last night, which might have something to do with that, too. I just don’t know. I tend to discount getting things at the gas station, since I rarely touch much anything outside of what I’m buying. I just don’t know for sure where it might have come from. I know I have a fever, and I know I don’t like it. I also know I’m tired and I shouldn’t be. Maybe I’ll end up sleeping in tomorrow. That wouldn’t be a bad thing.


I haven’t watched any more game videos, but I have watched some more wrestling. Besides that, not a whole lot of stuff going on. I did, however, work on my Fallout New Vegas mod a little bit. Not much exciting, just added a few more weapons and a couple pickups. They’re not terribly hard to find, well, since I put them there, I suppose it would be easy enough to find them for me, but you never can tell. My memory isn’t great, as you know. On the bright side, speaking of games, the Steam summer sale has started! I’m very excited! I’ve even bought some stuff already, because a small number of things on my wishlist were only 99 cents, and that’s surely a price I can get behind. If only they all were that cheap. I don’t know how much I’ll actually buy this time around. I’m gonna try to reign it in this time, unlike my usual stance on Steam sales. Try being the key word. I can’t help that I try to buy stuff to fill the hole in my soul. Of course, it never helps, at least not for long.


I won’t bore you with a lecture on compulsive shopping, or whatever you might want to call it. I know it’s part of my illnesses, and is something that may never go away, even with all the evidence that it doesn’t actually help me at all. Details, I suppose.


You know, I was hoping that I’d get the chance to get a good chunk of gaming in Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but I may end up being too sick to do much of anything. I really hate this. I mean, I was surely planning on at least doing some FNV this weekend. I was thinking about doing some test recording for my run that I want to record and YouTubeize. I am already forgetting things to do right at the start, though. Not that they really need done with my setup, but I would like to remember to do as much as I can. Of course, there are probably whole mods that will end up getting a little bit overlooked with all the other stuff that’s in the game. One of the reasons that I want to go through FNV is to get myself ready and hyped up for Fallout 4. The big E3 reveal is coming soon, and I’m super excited about that. Super. Of course, it’s being done by Bethesda and not Obsidian, which means we may get a more stable and perhaps less over interesting game. Obsidian are good storytellers, and a little lacking on the game creation skills. I mean, just look at Pillars Of Eternity. Bugs abounded in there. 


Anyways, I’ll keep you updated on this wonderful illness, and how much I get to play games the next three days, and how much I just don’t have the energy. Think it’s time to snuggle down and relax for the rest of the night.