Just like I predicted, maintenance came around while I was asleep. Of course. On the bright side, I was able to go back to sleep for a while after they spent the whole 45 seconds in the apartment. I even slept in today. I probably will tomorrow, too, but you never know. I even went to bed early last night. I don’t know if I will tonight or not, that all depends on how tired I am. I have to be honest, though, I feel pretty worn out. Today has not been the best mental health day. Well, it was actually pretty crappy, but I at least got a couple things accomplished. I didn’t make my phone calls yet, which I really need to do. I mean really. I will get there, hopefully tomorrow. One of the big things, is that I don’t want to hang around the local Comcast offfice for an hour and a half just to hand them my old cable modem. I don’t know what the fuck their problem is. They have like six or so windows, but there’s only ever like one or two open. I don’t get the logic of that. You’d think they’d have more than that open, with the backlog that always accumulates in there. But then, it’s Comcast, they’ve never been accused of having good customer service.


My leg is still having problems. I walked over to the mailbox today, and it hurt pretty bad. The pain is back in the back of my knee again. I guess that may be a little bit better than the thigh pain, but I can’t really say for sure. I headed to the mailbox today because I sent a letter to Cable. I got the mail earlier in the day, when I was out, and found a letter from him in there, so I wrote back. I was kinda surprised that he didn’t try to call me. At least I finally heard from him. So, sending out the letter is why I walked over there. It’s not even that far. Maybe 50 yards or so? They’re just behind the building across the parking lot, and that’s not exactly far away. It sucks, because I want to go to the grocery, but there’s no way I can walk from the parking lot, through the store, back out to the parking lot, and carry stuff up from the truck. I have problems carrying the stuff in anyways with the stairs, and this stupid issue just exaserbates the issue.


I didn’t play any games today. Of course, I was gone for a little while, which didn’t help, but I’ve been mostly just keeping my leg up and watching the WWE Network. It’s kinda hard to play much with my leg up. I suppose it would be easier with the consoles, since I can just hold the controller, but I really didn’t feel too motivated to play today. I am planning on getting some gaming in tomorrow, though. I have to do a couple things first, though. Like make those calls, and clean out the fridge. Besides that, though, it should be a pretty clear day. I paid my horrendous bills today, so that’s all done. It hurt, but there’s not much that I could do about it besides just pay them. They should process tomorrow, and all that will be taken care of. Once that’s done, I need to shift some money back into my savings, and things will be normal again.


Really, besides that, there hasn’t been a whole lot going on today. That’s not really a bad thing, though there are other things that I could have done. Maybe I’ll work on a couple of them tomorrow. I still have a fair ways to go to get the apartment back in order. At least I had gotten all that computer stuff put away before I got sick, so there wasn’t a big pile of stuff in the living room. I think the only other thing that really went on today was me having a small breakdown over a few things floating through my brain. Thankfully, that’s over now, but it sucked at the time. 


I guess I’ll wrap up here. I need to go take some ranitidine, because my acid is flaring up again. Blah.