And the Monday that comes after.

Pretty uneventful day, for the most part. I did some chores around the apartment. Nothing too earth shaking, really, but stuff that needed done. There’s still more I can do, but I will be working on that piece by piece. I also played some Bloodborne today. I finally got to the first boss and got an insight, so that I could summon Auren. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, though we think it’s a problem with the servers, I couldn’t summon him. Maybe it’s the servers, maybe it’s a password thing, because apparently, if your password is too easy, it might just not work at all. I do know that he was able to remove that and get summoned by a random person. He said that it was pretty laggy, though. I’m hoping that it’s a problem on their end. Of course, it already consumed the insight, so I have none again. I can get another one without too much difficulty, though. That’s only because I ran through the whole area. Running past everything, so that I could get some actual progress in. It worked out pretty well, I was kinda surprised by that. Of course, not killing things is not really the way to go, so that’s not going to actually be a viable strategy. So, really, I got nothing accomplished in that. And I have to admit, my will to keep playing is dropping pretty fast. I’m feeling like I wasted that money. I know that if I can’t summon him, that I probably will not be finishing the game, or maybe even beating any bosses at all.


I get to go to ParkCenter as a walk-in tomorrow(today). I am so looking forward to that….not. I really don’t want to have to walk-in, but I don’t have a choice, because their policy is stupid. Who knows how long I might be sitting there. I hope it doesn’t take long. We have to take mom’s rental car back, and hopefully get her a new(used) vehicle while we are out. These are things that I would rather avoid, but they are things that have to get done, so I must suffer.


Not much else going on, though. So maybe tomorrow won’t be so bad? We’ll see, I guess.