A fair bit.

So, I ended up playing a little bit of Dark Souls earlier. I beat Sif, and did a little bit of the Catacombs, but that was it. I think I only played for 45 minutes or something like that. Anyways, Extreme Rules was okay. Could have been better, I imagine, but I suppose that’s what you get in the 9.99 era. Especially since April was free for new subscribers. 


For some reason, Danzig has been meowing up a storm for the past half hour. I have no idea why, but he’s certainly going at it.


Anyways, I have four hours to fill, and I plan on doing that at least partially with a game. I’m just not sure what, as usual. I suppose it would help if I didn’t have so many installed right now, but I would probably regret uninstalling a bunch of them for one reason or another, even though I can easily reinstall them. Anyways, it’s time to go figure that out.