Not much of a gaming day.

Well, Warcraft Saturday turned into more of a sleeping Saturday. I hadn’t been doing the oversleep thing for about a week now, but today, apparently, it all caught up to me. I woke up at like 12:30, was up until about 2, slept until 4:30 and fell asleep in my chair again for a couple more hours, and woke up a bit after 7. I’ve been up for a few hours now, but I haven’t really done much. I did do my garrison stuff in WoW, but that’s really all I did. I really didn’t do a whole lot else, either. I played a little bit of Dark Souls, but really, only enough to farm up enough souls to fully upgrade my Pyromancy Flame. I also killed Ceaseless Discharge, but that’s not exactly a tough task. That was it for the day, really. 


Something that I haven’t really talked about, but has been brewing on Twitter a little bit, is the fact that a few SA people are going to be creating a Let’s Play website. I suppose that could be a good thing, and it’s supposed to be more inclusive and less gruff than the current SA forum. Unfortunately, it will be having a paywall like SA, which is kinda annoying. It could be some place interesting to be, but I suppose we shall see when it happens. I kinda wish I had come up with the idea myself, oh well. I will probably check it out once it’s put together. I suppose that once it’s put together, we shall see if it’s the kinda place that I would want to hang out in. 


Anyways, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing tonight. I may play something. It probably won’t be Dark Souls, though. I suppose I could, since Auren is now three bosses ahead of me, but I’m not sure I’m feeling that tonight. I kinda want to play something though, I’m just not sure what. I guess I should figure that out. Maybe I should head off and do that for now. Heh.