A pretty good day.

So, my new internet connection is up and running. It didn’t take too terribly long for it to happen, either. Unfortunately, download speeds from Steam aren’t that much better, but I’m pretty sure that’s Steam and not my connection. Besides that, I did a fair bit of Dark Souls today. Got Sen’s Fortress and Anor Londo both done. Of course, I suck at Ornstein and Smough, luckily I was actually able to summon Auren in to help me. Besides that I did some farming and some cleanup of stuff. Not a whole lot, but some. Oh yes, I also went back and did the Undead Asylum. I knew there was something else. I will also say this, I had the worst time I have ever had trying to get into Anor Londo proper than I have any other time I have tried it. It sucked, but I got it done, and I didn’t even lose my humanity and souls.


Not sure what I might do tonight. I may do some more stuff in DS, or I may play something else. If I do anything in DS, it will probably just be more farming. Not sure that I want to do it tonight, though. I may. 


Tomorrow is supposed to be Warcraft Saturday, but I don’t know if I’ll be doing much of that. I suppose it depends on how much Auren is around. If he’s around, then it will probably just be more DS for me. But, if not, we shall see.