A day like most other.

I didn’t do a whole lot of gaming. I did my usual in WoW, and played Dark Souls for a while, but pretty much all I did was farm stuff up. It wasn’t very exciting, I suppose, but it was something. Besides that, I didn’t do too much. I watched last week’s Raw, and went to the gas station, but that was really it. Not much of a day, I suppose, but better than some of them. Nothing on the agenda for the rest of the night, since I’ll be going to bed soon. Still haven’t heard from Cable, but I assume he will still have court tomorrow. I get to do that and go to the grocery tomorrow. Fun stuff or something like that. It could be worse, so I suppose I won’t complain too much. After court, I plan on coming home and napping for a while before heading off to the grocery. I’ll be glad to get that all done with. I’ll have to go out on Friday, but not for long, and I should be all good for a few days at that point. Maybe I’ll get some gaming done this weekend, but we all know how that goes when I actually plan on doing that. 


Oh well, off to bed for me.