A Dark Souls kind of day.

Spent a fair bit of time playing DS today. A lot of that time was farming, though not all of it. For some reason, though, Auren and I weren’t able to summon each other today. When we tried the one time yesterday, it worked just fine, but it wasn’t having it today. Why? Probably because the multiplayer in DS is the most dumbly designed thing I have ever seen. I think Dark Souls 2 and Bloodborne do it the same way. Demon’s Souls did it differently, but it was still kinda dumb. I wonder if that even works at all anymore. May have to check that someday. Anyways, I played for a little while last night, but I got annoyed easily once I lost around 8000 souls. Not that that’s really a whole lot, but it was when I lost them. So, today, I beat the Bell Gargoyles, farmed up a Baldur Side Sword and Baldur Shield, upgraded my armor to +2, beat the Capra Demon, and ultimately upgraded the sword and shield to +10. Not a bad day on the whole. I also did my garrison stuff in WoW, but you probably guessed that. Heh.


As for what tonight may bring, I don’t really know. I may play something, I may watch WWE Network, or I may do some farming in DS again. Also, I’m a bit behind on current WWE, so I could always start to catch up there, though that might wait until tomorrow.


Speaking of, tomorrow I get to go to bed early. I can’t wait. I didn’t hear from Cable again today, which didn’t surprise me too much, especially if there’s a lockdown. I hope to hear from him tomorrow. It’s not like I’ll get to speak to him in court. Ah well. Also, I still need to call Frontier. I’d better do that tomorrow.


As for gaming tomorrow, I have no idea. I suppose we shall see when we get there. Probably some Dark Souls in the evening, but I’m not sure about before that. It may just be watching wrestling, or maybe some GTA, or a combination of two, perhaps.