Learn something new every day.

So, I learned something interesting this morning. You see, I got a call from Community Corrections and I found out that my apartment complex doesn’t allow home detention. This was news to me. They wanted me to go over and double check, basically. So I did that and, of course, they said no. They also said that he wouldn’t be able to be on the lease, because of his charge. Interesting information to learn. So, I guess Cable won’t be coming home for a while after all. I doubt anyone has told him that yet, so I assume that I will have to do it. Well, depending on whether or not he calls today. I really wish he would call at around the same time every day, and that being in the early afternoon and not this evening stuff. Like I said, I like to wait until after he calls to game. Which means, of course, that I haven’t played anything yet today. I may do WoW garrison stuff soon, though. Besides that, I’m not sure how to fill the day. Maybe GTA, maybe WoW, maybe something else. I’m guessing GTA, since I haven’t played that in a few days. We shall see, though.