A slight problem.

I played GTA V for a while, but I ran into a small problem. I can’t do the yoga mission. You’re supposed to input ‘s’ and pull down a little on the mouse to start, which is fine, but then is says to press and hold left mouse and right mouse to inhale. The problem is, the mouse doesn’t want to seem to do that. The really dumb thing, is that’s one of the ways you can run forward in WoW, and it works just fine. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, or maybe my batteries are dying. But it seems to me that you press and hold both mouse buttons. I don’t know why it won’t work in GTA, but it works fine in WoW. I just can’t explain it. I hope I can somehow figure it out, because it seems to be important. At least, it was important enough for it to interrupt my going home and saving. Anyways, I was annoyed by that, and I don’t know how to fix it. I guess now is time to settle in for a bit before bed. I plan on doing more playing tomorrow.