Some new gaming!

That’s right, Grand Theft Auto V came out today! I played it for a while today, and I really like it so far. Took me a few minutes to figure things out, but I got it, for the mostpart. I’m not too sure about using the phone, but I have it mostly figured out. I plan on spending a bit of time tomorrow playing as well. Or later today, I suppose, at this point. Heh. As a side note, I never did play anything last night.


So, I had planned on doing a few things this afternoon. That was, until I couldn’t wake up. I mean, I woke up, but I was just too fucking tired to do anything. I had to go lay down again for awhile. I pretty much slept for 12 hours. I wasn’t planning on that, for sure. I don’t know what is wrong with me. Cable says that it’s probably depression. I suppose it could be. Most days I wake up and a normal time, but I just can’t get the motor going. Most of the time I just fall asleep here in the office. Sometimes I am a tiny bit more proactive, and go lay down before that happens. The dumb part, is that last Thursday, when I had to go get up early and go to court, I didn’t really have that problem. I mean, I did come home and lay down for a while, but I was awake and alert after the alarm went off. Maybe I should set an alarm every day? I don’t know if that would help or not, but getting less sleep seemed to work okay, at least for a while. I just wish that it would go away.


At any rate, I do hope to be awake enough to get some of this stuff done tomorrow. And I’m going to have to be awake and alive earlier than I was today on Wednesday, so I can go to orientation. I am not looking forward to that, but I have to do it. Blah. Then, I may go to the grocery Thursday. Or I may try to put it off for another week. I think I can handle that, but that’s also the next court day, so I haven’t really decided yet. So, that’s my week. At least after all that, I’m free and clear for a few days. Well, until they decide to come and evaluate the apartment, whenever that is.


Anyways, time to take the meds and watch a little wrestling before bed.