Some actual gaming today.

Yes, it’s true. I actually spent many hours today gaming. Of course, I logged in to WoW to get my garrison stuff done. After that, I spent many hours playing Pillars Of Eternity. I got quite a bit of progress done. Though, there are still some things that are a little ahead of where I am level wise. At least, I think. I know that level 14 of Od Nua is a bit beyond me right now. Also, Hylea’s temple, and the Sky Dragon upon it, are a little past me right now. I’m not sure about the Adra arch for Sagani’s quest. I haven’t been back there, and I leveled up a couple of times. I suppose I should check it out again. Also, the bounty for the Ogre shaman is a bit above me. At least it was when I tried it earlier today. I didn’t try it after I leveled up, though. I suppose that maybe I should. I have a feeling that it will still kick my ass, though. I also think that the adra arch will be a massive pain. That’s just speculation, though. I got plenty done today, in any case. I just need to level some more to knock some of this other stuff out.


Apparently, around noon tomorrow, I will be getting the rest of my stuff back. I haven’t really talked about that, and I probably won’t. At least not until after tomorrow. I suppose it will be nice to finally have alll my stuff. Well, all the stuuf that’s not sitting in my mom’s spare room. Which I also need to get to going through. I was kinda hoping that Cable would be able to help me with that. But, with him maybe being on home detention, I don’t know how useful he might be. I would like it if he could at least carry stuff in from the truck. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. I suppose that depends on how far he is able to move from the stupid thing that they will install for the process. I can’t see how going out to the parking lot would be too far, but I suppose you never know.


Another thing that I’m kind of wondering, is how do you tell someone that you’re still waiting for them. I want to tell her that I’m waiting for the whole mid-life crisis to be over, and that I’m still here. I don’t know how well that might go over, though. I’m pretty sure that’s what this whole thing is. It’s not like anyone else is going to be so in love with her that they get her etched into their body like I did. That tattoo is with me every day, and I have to see it every day. Is someone else going to go through that like I did? Hell no. I suppose I will do what I can to mention that tomorrow, but we will see how that goes. I mean, really, it’s right there on my right arm every day. From now until forever. Well, from like seven years ago, until forever. Who else would do that? Just me, I would imagine. I guess we’ll see tomorrow what she might have to say about that, if anything.


As for tonight, not much will be going on. Just kinda dinking around until bedtime. Speaking of which, I should probably take my meds. Hasta luego.