I’m getting repetitive.

So, it was another day today. Not a whole lot went on. I did play WoW, long enough to do my garrison stuff, at least. Then a little bit after that I played Pillars Of Eternity for a while. Like I said, I’m getting repetitive. Nothing much else went on besides that. I don’t think I really made much progress in PoE today. Just did some exploring around. Moved on to the next part of one quest, but it turns out the part after that is a little too difficult for my party right now. Really, the big groups suck. Besides that, I did pretty well, though. For the most part, at least. I guess there’s not too much excitment on the gaming front right now. I need to change that.


My weight hasn’t gone down any recently. It’s always depressing to look at the scale. I don’t know why I’m not losing weight, I’m not really eating all that much. You would think that I could shed at least some of the weight again, but it seems like it’s a no go. I don’t know why. It’s bothering me, though. I was so far down, and now I’ve slid back, and I don’t like it. 


I guess that’s really all the news there is for now. It was a pretty quiet day. I do have to remember to go to bed early Wednesday, since Cable has court Thursday morning. I’m sure I’ll complain about that more in the next couple of days. I really do hate getting up early, after all.