Not as much as I wanted.

Cuz you were from a perfect world. A world that threw me away today. Today. Today. To run away. A pill to make you numb. A pill to make you dumb. A pill to make you anybody else. But all the drugs in this world, won’t save her from herself.


Guess I’m feeling a bit Coma White today.


So, I knew it was coming up, but shockingly, I kinda forgot about it until today. Once April 1st hit, that marked two years of me being on my own. Well, single. I guess I’ve been on my own for a long time now, at least for the most part. It still hurts, but I guess not as much as it used to. I don’t think I’ll ever fully get over it. I suppose it hit me kinda hard today when my brain brought that fact to my attention.


As for gaming today. Well, it didn’t go exactly as planned. I waited until after Cable called me, which is normal. Unfortunately, he called me much later than usual. So, after that, I just decided to wait until after dinner. So, after that, and a bit of dinking around, I finally logged into WoW. I did my garrison stuff, and I ran a Cata raid for some quick cash. After that, I decided it was finally time to give Ulduar a crack. So I headed over there. Once I got in there, I did what you were actually supposed to do and get a vehicle to traverse the first area. I think that this was my fatal mistake. You see, the vehicle had 8.5 Million HP, and I think that screwed me over, because Flame Leviathan then had about 44 Million HP. This is much larger than I remember from before, and my ‘Record Victory’ timer would seem to bear that out. You see, the first time I was in there, I just ran through the area, throwing off an Earthquake now and then to clean up the mobs. I think that’s why I was much more easily able to defeat Flame Leviathan. Maybe I’m wrong, though. I think it predicated the HP based on mine, instead of the vehicle, so it had much less HP. I think. I mean, that’s the only thing that was different between this time and last. So, I got stuck there. And then I got frustrated, so I stopped for the day. I was probably on WoW for an hour and a half or so. Not too long. After that whole mess, I decided to fire up Pillars Of Eternity for a while, since Auren was already playing that. I guess I’m not sure when we might play 7 Days to Die again. So, I spent a few hours on that, and got another fair bit of progress done. After that, I finished up for a while, and now I’m here venting. I guess you can call it that, at least.


I’m not sure how the rest of the evening is going to go. I kinda feel like playing something, but I’m not entirely sure what at this point. I may go back into PoE or I may try something else. I just don’t know right now. Hell, maybe I’ll even stay up late playing something. It’s not like it’s going to hurt anything. Heh. I suppose we shall see.