I didn’t post at all yesterday, and that’s bad of me. Silly me. Anyways, I did play Pillars of Eternity for a while after Wrestlemania Sunday. I also spent a good portion of yesterday playing it as well. Unfortunately, I’ve run into a bug that a lot of other people have a problem with, as well. For some reason Raedric’s castle somehow has a problem with not loading maps. Apparently, it’s not always the same map. In my case, it’s the first floor of the keep that won’t load. Well, it tries, but as soon as the loading screen goes away, all you get is a black screen with the cursor, and the game stops responding. I tried several times to get it to work, even leaving it sit for a few minutes, in case it came back, but to no avail. So, I have moved on from there, until a patch that fixes it gets released. I did quite a few side quests, but I found a couple areas that I need to be higher level for, at least that’s my assumption. Unfortunately, most of your XP comes from quests, and I’m starting to run low on those right now. Ones that I can do, at least. Oh yes, I also found what seems to be another bug, where you’re supposed to ask a vendor for a specific thing, but the option to ask about it doesn’t come up. I guess I’m just kinda stuck on that quest now, too. Hopefully that will be fixed in a patch, too. Assuming that more people than just me have the problem, of course. I didn’t look for that one on the official forums like I did the other one, though. Maybe I should. I know I talked about being on level 5 of the Endless Paths the last time, it turns out that I am stuck there for now, as there’s an encounter that I just can’t do at my current level. I had one try where I almost completed it, but several others where I just go shredded. Large groups are the bane of my party. Plus, one of them is a drake, and I haven’t been able to take one of those out at all. So, that’s where I’m at right now. Stuck in a few places, and will probably be wandering around looking for more quests to work on, to get another level or two.


I didn’t log in to WoW at all yesterday, I suppose I should do that. I’m almost starting to think that I’m losing my WoW mojo, which is bad, since I want to record that leveling LP. Plus I have stuff to work on to get through the legendary questline. Not to mention that I need to work on Ulduar so that I can get it recorded. It’s the last Wrath instance that I have to record. Once I get that done, I can do the Cata stuff. I suppose I don’t have to wait for that, and I could go ahead and record them. I’ve already done them all at least once, so I know I can do them. Maybe I’ll start recording them, to give me more time to work on Ulduar. Of course, with the way I release stuff, I tend to do the whole expansion at once. Though, if I get everything else done, I could just skip that for now, and post it later. We will see. I’m also wondering if I should put them on YouTube. Maybe I will, I just don’t know yet. I guess we will see. I should start recording an actual LP at some point, but I just haven’t buckled down to do that. I really should, though. I think maybe sitting down and starting recording will get my juices flowing. At least, I hope so.


That’s really all the news there is right now, I know it’s not too exciting, but it’s surely something. Not sure what I’ll be doing today yet. I may log in to WoW and do my garrison stuff. Maybe do a Cata raid for some sweet, sweet gold. Maybe play some more PoE. We shall see.